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does smoking weed make your dick smaller?

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by peterzah95, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. Being 18 sure does help I bet
  2. Granny Are there any natural herbs that will actually help improve the lengh and girth of the male organ?
  3. Here's my best stoned response; first off check this link Does marijuana shrink penis? · Penile Disorders discussions | Family Health center | SteadyHealth.com . It is a general health q/a forum. Check it out. From what I've read there is no proof that cannibus psycally shrinks your "tube steak". It appeared to me that people using that specific forum were boasting their penis sizes rather than giving the negetive results that you questioned. Funny; perhaps there is some sort of paradox in the human body that relates how confident you are stoned directly to your penis size. Weed does give anxiety at times so I could possibly understand where your coming from when you question your penis size. And if marijuana has anything to do with it. Dude just keep smoking more weed and telling yourself how big your dick is. It will get bigger. On to the other subject; Maybe you should have a bitch sucking your dong while your hitting a vape. Have her rock you like a hurricane dude.

  4. Aaah.
    I'm going to have to call "Spoil Sport" on you Granny. :p

    This thread has me on the floor and you come along with a lot of facts. ;)

    I haven't laughed so hard since a young man told a drug diversion class I was taking, that the only way to get great bud was to walk a male plant up and down the rows of females on the last full moon before harvest.

    The LEO in charge of the class almost hurt himself trying to keep a straight face.

  5. Whata fuq u talking about?
  6. Did he died?

    If no then I call bull shit

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  7. Lol!

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  8. I have been smoking weed for about 5 years and my dick has completely shriveled up and turned into a vagina. should I be worried
  9. haha this thread is funny. :hello:
  10. Haha about 3 years short bud.
  11. woops Still 21 is the prime of your life enjoy your tool LOL
  12. No it's propaganda.

    It's POSSIBLE that smoking weed in your developmental phases (if you're still in those why are you on this site anyways though) could hinder GROWTH of the penis, but it'd NEVER shrink your dick bro.

    Cmon SON!!!
  13. Nope...but I tried ICE and my dick was like 3inches for about 2 days...smh...never again in mylife...
  14. there was a rumor going around that if you put nair on your balls and liquid heat on the penis nuttin would happen.
  15. I don't think this is something to worry about, if it stunted my growth (started smoking at 15) then I could have been the next big pornstar.
  16. I say we do an experiment with our own dicks nextime we all smoke! We would do before and after pictures! :smoke:
  17. No but that doesn't solve ur problem

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