Does smoking weed make you automatically a Liberal?

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  1. So the other day I got high with one of my best buddies and we were discussing politics, see I identify myself as a Socialist while he's a Libertarian/Capitalist and we were arguing slightly. Anyway after a while I just said "you know what, let's agree to disagree, we might have different opinions about ecomonic systems but at least we're both Liberals, so on the most important matters (social) we agree with each other". Which then lead me to the question "is everybody who smokes weed a Liberal?
    I mean when you smoke weed, you contemplate too much about the wrongs in the world (and obviously everything else) and you see through the stupidities like hating people because of their race, ethnicity, religion, etc realising that we are all the same race; human and in reality we are just hating on ourselves". He completely agreed.

    So what do you think?

  2. Go to this page below then ask yourself that same question.

    More liberal BS
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  3. There's a difference between the far-left and the left, I didn't bother reading that btw.

    In this context I am just referring to being anti-sexist, anti-racist, anti-xenophobic etc, etc.
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    Fuck no.
  5. To what?
  6. What do you consider xenophobic? Deporting illegals? What do you consider sexist? Mythical wage gap? What do you consider racist? Recognizing the fact that black people kill more black people than anyone else?

    I've been called racist, xenophobic and sexist for addressing all 3 of the above.
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  7. What do you mean? What do I consider xenophobic, sexist and racist? (Rhetorical question).

    Xenophobia is the hatred of foreigners, and racism is the hatred of people belonging to a different race. Just because some people of a certain ethnicity or race commit more crimes than other races or ethnicities it doesn't mean they're all act the same. We are all human beings and we should be judged on an individual level, nothing more, nothing less.

    Generalization is pathetic and solves nothing, the reason a man has killed people was because the way he was raised and where, not his skin colour, that's nonsense. A higher % of blacks are poor than whites in America , so no wonder the % of crimes perpetrated by black people is higher than white people.

    Mythical wage gap? Lol. For real? This does infact exist, get a job and you'll see and yes the fact men get paid more money as oppose to women of the same occupation is infact sexism. Another example would be how women are much more objectified as men, practically everything that is advertisied for women, potrays women half-dressed and looking sexy, the same does not apply for men.
  8. Yeah, you're definitely a liberal.
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  9. And you're definitely "blind".
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  10. "Wage gap" has been debunked time and time again. It's funny you think women are objectified when men are literally expendable.
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  11. In my case, that's how it happened. months after my first toke I was completely pro choice, tree hugging, a complete "lefty". My sensitivity for animals, art, the environment, pro choice was greatly enhanced. THC is different for everyone though.
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  12. How come my mother earned less in her job compared to a male worker? It has not been debunked and it is a known fact, it is even thought over and over in school.

    Look at a watch ad for a man and then look at one for a woman.


  13. Well, I think your question has been
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  14. Yeah true, let's just leave it at that. There's no point in arguing over these things. Everyone is set in their own ways.
  15. Did your mother get maternity leave? Did your mother ever take days off to raise you? You're not taking into consideration why some women get payed less and the fact of the the many women dominated fields.

    Look at Michelangelo's David and tell me men aren't objectified. Look at history and tell me men aren't expendable.

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  16. Let's look at the definition of the actual word

    Liberal- open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values.

    I would say yes. Smoking weed can make you think more critically.
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  17. Is it not possible that women designed both of those ads because they knew it would help sell the product?
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  18. I sure Hope Not
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  19. the only thing smoking weed does it make you high
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    Ah changing our arguement now, after proven wrong, are we? Yes she did but that has nothing to do with payment, men also get paternal leave. So what even if a woman doesn't choose to have a child, she still doesn't get paid equally as her male counter-parts. Pointless arguement on your behalf.

    I never said they weren't, just much less than women. Plus david is a piece of art, it's not objectification just like Venus isn't either. And if you consider both women and men as objectifed in art, then again women have been "objectified" much more than men, although I don't, nor do the vast majority of people, so nevermind.

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