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Does smoking weed make anybody else sick?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by dave198803, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. Am i the only one that is affected by weed in such a way? Ive been sick going on 3 months now. Ive been to the emergency room about 13 times and was hospitalized for a few days out of those 13 times Ive went. Ive lost 30 lbs i use to weigh 190 i'm down to 160 lbs. I fear eventually the weed will kill me but i don't know how to stop smoking. I smoke 40 grams of weed in 2 weeks. I have my medical marijuana card which was probably a mistake to get. Ive been vomiting non stop for the past 3 months i wake up sick i go to bed sick there is just no relief in sight. The only bit of relief i get is when i take a burning hot shower. It makes the nausea go away for awhile but the sickness is still there.
  2. I've smoked weed that I got from dealers here in Spain (so it's not as good as the dispensary one you could get there) and never felt bad, got the effects and then when they finished I was ok.

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  3. Look, cannabis is non addictive, so if you wanna stop, it comes down to will power. Sounds like you are suffering from Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome - Wikipedia .
    A friend of mine has a daughter that suffers from it quite bad. She was a regular smoker for years and suddenly it came on. Good luck
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  4. Seriously? Theres something other than weed wrong with you. See a doctor. I've been smoking weed for over 40 years and never once have I become sick from it.

    What are you putting in your weed? Are you buying from a dispesary? What are you smoking from? 40 grams in 2 weeks? Do you live in a 3rd world country? Is this whole thread put up by anti-pot propagandist?

    I'm not calling you a liar but in mans history with cannabis, which is about 6 thousand years, not one single person has died from using it. There is something wrong with you and I don't think it's the weed you smoke.
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  5. Yeah it's def not weed. Maybe something in the weed you are getting. Once when I got drugged in weed I was dizzy and vomiting and bed ridden for over a month. Your body is sensitive to contaminants. How long have you been smoking?
    Go to a doctor and see what they say...
    If they say it's weed go to another doctor and don't mention weed or smoking and see what they say...after that you have to use your best judgement...those symptoms are serious. Try brownies for 3 weeks if you don't get sick from those as well. Get the brownies from a different source.
    Weed don't send u to the emergency room unless it's like a severe panic attack or the person starts hearing voices or something...
    What exactly did the doctors at the emergency room hospital say?
    What exactly are your symptoms? I'll try to respond soon if you reply...

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  6. Another Cannabis Hypermesis refer madness troll. Every week the same story with a different name :laughing: Whatever website they're coming from must be trying to get the kiddos who got sick from weed once to have second thoughts and start spewing this non sense.
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  7. If something that you ingest makes you sick, don't ingest it. it's very simple.

    I'm 34 and have been smoking since i was 15 for the most part daily and have no problem in not smoking for days, weeks and years. Cigarettes on the other hand is actually addictive and was extremely difficult,

  8. to your DOCTOR about gerd and how to deal with those pesky withdrawals from prohibitionist propaganda overdoses, that seems to have caused you to hallucinate that pot made you sick...
  9. Ughhhh must see a medical professional if this is a serious post. You have some underlying medical issues which are probably not cannabis related but why in the world, if you have been sick for 3 months, would you post this question here and not be under a doctor's care all this time? For crying out loud if you thought it was the weed why would not abstain to see if the effects subside. If it is the weed then there is something wrong with it and you should find another source right away. Good quality properly grown and cured cannabis will cure or treat most of the ailment's you describe, not cause them sir.

  10. Lmfao you dont smoke 40grams every 2 weeks that means you smoke nearly 3 grams everyday gtfo who you think you are wiz khalifa snoop Dogg Willie nelson?, even if you are smoking 40 grams every 2 weeks you must be smoking shwag brick weed, a gram of high quality weed will get anyone lit I say your lying.
  11. Holy sheep shit. 40 grams in two weeks? That's like an ounce and a half every two weeks. Dude you are smoking way too much weed. You need to dial it back. Way back. I can't even imagine what your tolerance level must be at this point. Weed should enhance your life and be enjoyable. Put yourself on a weed diet. Don't buy as much or keep as much in the house. Seek help or counseling if it's too hard to slow down or stop.
  12. I really don't think this is weed. Also, you said that you fear weed is eventually going to kill you. Marijuana itself has never killed anyone and overdosing on it is basically impossible. So don't worry about it killing you.. if you truly feel like smoking is harming you then just stop for a while. However, most people here will tell you that there is no way smoking weed is causing what you are describing

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  13. You can't overdose in the drug sense of the term so don't worry. Maybe u got too much thc or other psychoactive ingredients in yo blood that it's throwing off your natural body me...but weed don't really do that homie. Try edibles. If you can afford that much weed o dank u can more than afford to try brownie form to see what happens if it is feasible for you. You still haven't said more on the exact symptoms so I wish yous all za best..

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  14. I fond this in another foro. It look like some people have it. "At this point–after describing how hot showers relieved his symptoms–it was clear to me that he was suffering from a poorly understood condition that some long-term heavy pot smokers experience, now known as cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, or CHS."

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