Does smoking weed lead to smoking cigarettes?

Discussion in 'General' started by aKidYouWanaKnow, May 8, 2011.

  1. Do you think it does? The majority of people I smoke with, including myself, smoke cigarettes as-well as shrubbery. I mean, do you think it does? A lot of people also start smoking cigarettes, and then eventually quit whilst all the time smoking weed. What do you guys think?

  2. no it does not
  3. It's whatever...does milk lead to alcohol?
  4. nah not at all man. Its all a mental thing really. I just think tobacco is disgusting and only causes problems.. so therefore i avoid it at all times.
  5. I smoked weed before i ever smoked a cigarette, but I don't think its a "gateway" to tabaccoo. However there is nothing better then smoking a cig after blazing, really gives a nice buzz.
  6. I don't mean like because you start smoking weed, you are going to start craving nicotine. I mean, the culture with it. Like where I live, the weed smoking culture almost all smoke cigarettes. I was wondering if it is the same everywhere else. Like, do all your buddies that you smoke with smoke cigarettes? Or is that just where I come from.
  7. No correlation.

    I've been smoking pot for 22 years, never once have I ever had the desire to smoke a tobacco cigarette
  8. Ya man, that is what I mean. It just sort of goes along with the culture where I come from.
  9. I started smoking cigarettes because of working in a kitchen and it being the only way to get a break.
  10. Ah, that is very interesting. Good for you. I wish I had never began smoking, but now that I know how good it feels after hitting the bong or pipe.. I don't think I am going to quit anytime soon.
  11. if anything, I think smoking cigarettes will lead to smoking weed. at least thats how it happened for me.
  12. I have a few friends that smoke cigs regularly but i also have friends who will only smoke cigs when their high or drunk. I dont think stoner culture has anything to do with smoking cigs. Most stoners smoke cigs because imo it "boosts" the high. Maybe its just placebo but i'v always felt higher after i smoked a cig.
  13. i think it would make it easier for a pot smoker to start smoking cigarettes since they are already used to inhaling smoke ... but its not like if you smoke weed you are going to smoke cigarettes ... i know someone that smokes only weed .... he just quit cigarettes ... thats a bad example .... :smoke:
  14. This is like asking " Does weed lead to surprise but sex "
  15. Ah ya, I worded my original question wrong. :/ I meant to convey, do your smoking buddies smoke cigarettes? :D I smoke cigarettes because the buzz is really nice after a bowl or two. That's just me though.
  16. That wouldnt be pleasant.

  17. Smoking weed lead me out of smoking cigarettes.
  18. Well im not going to smoke cigarrettes, so i say no. Maybe for some, but its not that the weed LEADS them to it, its just that they so happen to smoke cigarrettes after.
  19. You lead yourself.

    Blaming problems on the substance instead of the one using it is dumb.
  20. I guess masturbation leads to rape also.

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