does smoking weed in late teens affects how the brain works and grows(for me it helps to fight migraine and boosts my mood)

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    hello people,
    \ni have got shitty migraines with aura before it . 
    it looks like this
    \ni have pills to use when it starts but i feel bad after that and i have done like 4 different brain scans and tests and everything is all right.
    \nweed could help right? but how frequent can i do it? i am not talking about getting baked or stoned , just a little hit every other day , so i am comfortable to think and work . but how could my growing brain react?
    some people on the internet say that weed changes it to the bad direction .
    \ncould someone please answer me from his/her experience or give some good studies that i could read?
    please dont give me the governments propoganda shit about weed. i am pretty steep all day and a little bit depressed, it take really personal all things , so weed would help me mentally too,i mean it could boost my mood a little bit. i dont know how would be studying math or chemistry after smoking a really little , but once i was really baked after 2 days in a row smoking i did some amazing montage in sony vegas for physics project and i got the highest grade possible. i was really into the project and i was really inspired about the work i was working and i didnt get bored from doing it . 
    \ni havent got any migraines for like 3 months and this was time when i started smoking like every other week with buddies. i am writing this because after boxing training it started - the migraines. but this time it was really light , not heavy migraines like it was before like 7 months- after the aura period i couldnt think and i wasnt able to talk  :cry:  there isnt any link between boxing and migraines , i got them even before i started training.
    \n\nThanks for reading , 
    \nhave a good day !   :bongin:   :hello:

  2. Depression? No, It doesn't affect serotonin receptors. That why it isn't something to rely on to be happy.
    Essentially this is the repetition factor. This is the proposition of psychological dependence.
    Psychoactives don't tend to improve mental health. Such as cannabis.

    Everything else. Sounds like an allergic reaction type thing.
    Try vaping or edibles.
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    I noticed you said you had depression? I just wanna throw in some personal experience.
    I had bi-polar depression/ straight up depression before. I started smoking weed and bam! It was all gone. But, that was when I was smoking maybe once or twice a month. However, I noticed something when I started smoking more frequently.
    I began smoking every weekend, and I was still good, but then I started smoking almost every other day. Then that's where the depression started to creep back up just a little bit. But I think it's just because I get the energy drained out of me. I get what you could call, weed hangover. When I cut down on smoking, everything went back to normal again. I was all good.
    So as long as you don't do it too often, you'll be fine. It does affect depression, I think it's just not in a way you can see from a brain scan, or tests. No offense to your input at all, LuxSpiritus, but this is just my personal experience.
  4. My Dr. told me weed caused mental illness :) !! on the other hand my mom told me if i didn't wash behind me ears I'd get scurvy. Isn't it funny how there is lots of info on the evils of weed when there really hasn't been much research?

    anyways thats my rant...if your health is seriously affecting your quality of life and cannabis helps, Smoke it ! Worse thing could happen is your IQ drops a few points and you'll have to be a hockey player.
  5. Pot effects everyone differently. If smoking causes you depression or whatever, maybe you shouldn't smoke. But alot of people benefit from smoking. Like anxiety, pain, depression, stomach or digestive issues. I have issues with my stomach and weed makes me feel good. And I can eat! If it were legalized in Texas, I would probably have a medical card. Unfortunately, there are many states like mine stuck in limbo for legalization. Even though more than half of Texans (I bet many are conservative) would be okay with legalization we have politicians who are crooked and probably in bed with big pharma and the Federal government.

    stoner rant over, but you get the idea. Lol
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    No enough research done yet for a definitive answer but if you think your logical thinking skills are high it probably wont affect you much

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