Does smoking weed get you laid?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by MichiganBlazer, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. Good evening blades, tonight I bring to you the age old question. Does smoking weed get you laid? And the answer is yes it does. #Fuckyeah
  2. i must be smoking the WRONG weed
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  3. You smoke Reggie that's that shit I don't like
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  4. hey fool outside michigan we dont have reggie just BOMB
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  5. Michigan medical is the best bud in the country buddy, no matter what you say otherwise so ima just lay back on my green cloud and take bong rips of this shit to my face and smoke cigarettes while run on train on some fine ass U of M volleyball players who love me cuz I smoke medical while you over here tryna argue about how your weeds better. Stick to your green mids and lick nuts
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  6. hahahah aint even heard somebody reference "mids" or "reggie" in forever how charming
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  7. Try the Alaskan Thunderfuck ;)
  8. Getting high doesn't make me horny unfortunately.

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  9. How are you so sure Michigan medical is better than medical elsewhere?
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  10. Well when I'm
    High I'm horny as f. I've never had sex whilst stoned, so no it does not get me laid :(

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  11. Depends on the weed and if the blade/bladie you're into smokes.
    Being high makes a lot of people horny as fuck (myself included). High sex is the best.
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  12. Hell yeah more like Fuck yeah .. Although im on a tbreak i can still think back to the great pieces o' pu**y the bud life rewarded me with .. lots of ghetto sex, theres nothin like black women that smoke blunts & come to the bed w/ tshirts on
    & no panties underneath .. especially if they have a fresh pedicure on w/ florescent colorz , a huge ass or large tits.. gawd that shit drives me insane .. So does weed get'cha laid? I must say Fuck Yeah!! of course i cant speak for everybody lol ..
  13. No way, weed is like anti pussy for me. I get quiet and shy, not the best for gaming women.
  14. Lol lol lol cm on man you gotta try harder than that

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  15. Only if you're a sad sad individual and the other person is a whore
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  16. This guy will never ever bang a women/guy that smokes weed.

    Sade's outdoor Bigfoot territory grow
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  17. Not if you're a lowlife burnout, that's the exact opposite of who a girl wants to fuck. If you are just a regular smoker and have your shit together, girls usually won't care that you smoke unless they are hardcore against weed. But if you're smoking with a chick and you're both about the fucky fucky, a few drinks and some bowls is the perfect way to loosen yourselves up for some hot sex.
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  18. Most of the women I've been with smoke weed. I'm just not desperate enough or a big enough looser that I need weed to get laid. I'm sorry you have that issue homie
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  19. What exactly is "Medical" weed?

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