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Does Smoking Rape Your Wallet?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ch33r10zzz, May 23, 2013.

  1. I'm going to college soon. And im trying to land a job for summer.
    I'm just wondering how you guys pay for your "meds" and if you have money to for food, rent, and hobbies, etc.
    Especially cuz i see guys with an arsenal full of heady glass. I'm like. "Wow you drop a hand full of bills on a smoking utensil that you don't actually need??

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    It depends on your means. Some people can afford to smoke out of an apple some out of a Toro or better.
    Personally I try to acquire at least 1 nice bong and 2-4 bowls per year because I am always plagued by people breaking them.
    Edit: Ohhh as for how I pay for them? Usually with cash. I have one dealer that accepts paypal. And I get the money via trading stocks and managing investments.
  3. That's awesome! I want to get into stocks and investments. Any tips? lol.
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    Save up and buy a larger amount and ration it using scales. you can also mix with tobacco to make it last longer.
    I smoke 0.4g a day so I go through an eighth per week. But because I get ounces it only costs me $35 a we.ek instead of $50 per week. An ounce will last me 10 weeks and I put aside $50 a week so by the time I run out I have more than enough money to get another ounce
    I have a home-made glass bong, it works fine if you're good at making them.
    It has everything you need to know. 
    Also I went to a class in Manhattan called The Investment Banking Institute
    I learned how to valuate companies there.
    Before you invest in a company read about their financial transactions and watch to see if the board is selling off their stocks that they get as bonuses. 
    Rationing is a good idea but when I am not traveling I normally smoke between 1 and 4 grams per day depending on how busy I am or if I have meetings. :/ I should cut back but I don't want to.
  7. If I couldn't afford food, shelter, transportation, and entertainment how would I be online...
    Or surviving...

    Priorities young one!
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    My only money goes to bud food and stuff for my car (free rent) for now at least.
    but I have a girlfriend an  we split the bud money so It does make it cheaper in that sense 
  9. Yeah bud is expensive here so it can burn a hole in my money quickly if I'm not careful with how I spend.
  10. Fuck yea man. Weed is expensive as balls. 
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    Depends on the job you get. I work as a server and on average get tipped pretty well so I can afford it pretty easily. If it's a bad week or so I just ration out my mj lol. I don't know know how it is with an hourly job. 
    EDIT: Also I get really dank bud here cheap. So that aids in being able to buy it. Buy in large quantity to get the price/g down, and use this mass quantity for an extended period of time. By the time its gone you've made more money.
  12. Shit hell naw not when you makin that shit back!
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    A great solution would be to grow. It could be a source for your personal stash as well as to sell.
    I'm from cali. So that's perfectly legal.
  14. I find there is always enough money to buy weed, there are some priorities, but if you are just even slightly aware of your money flow, than you should be fine, even with the smallest bit of knowledge on your daily purchases is enough to help you save enough to still get high.  :hello:
  15. I'd suggest throwing down $400 on a small 2x2x4 grow. Fits in the corner and puts out 4-6 ounces dry if you do it right.
    As for glass, buy cheap shit.  Expensive glass is a luxury, nice to have but it's at the bottom of my list of priorities. There are knock-offs that work just as well. Maybe when I'm pulling $10k per harvest I'll drop a grand on a nice piece but even then, I'd rather have a new bathroom, new shed, fence, deck, sunporch, etc. It all comes down to your personal choices.
    "when I met her she was working in a strip club making $100k per year to put herself through college.... so she could graduate and get a job making $40k per year" - supernatural activity, lol
  16. My parents are nice enough to give me an allowance.
    $5 mon-thurs $20 Fri
    I use all the 5 dollars I save up for gas and munchies then the 20 to buy me a 20.
  17. [​IMG][​IMG]
  18. 1. grow weed
    2. smoke said weed
    3. ????
    4. profit
  19. No, when I smoke I rape people though.
  20. hahaha dude yes

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