Does smoking pot make you cool?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by fumonsy420, Sep 30, 2007.

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  1. Hey guys, it seems like you guys all know a lot about grass, so i wanna ask you a question.

    Im fucking so depressed because I have no friends. I don\'t really know why but everyone just thinks I am awkward and not cool. I feel like all the kids form my school who smoke pot are all like \"whatever man I don\'t care\" and that is really cool. So, basically, if I start smoking pot, do you think I can be cool and have friends and not want to fucking kill myself all the time? Thanks!!!
  2. If you\'re being legit then I\'ll attempt to answer you legit. Deciding to start smoking pot might earn you a little rep within whatever stoner circles you seem to know but it\'s not going to instantly make you \"cool\" or make said people your friends. Smoking pot for other people is not the best reason to do it, you need to do it for yourself. Which brings me to the point that you need to just be yourself. Put your own personal style on everything you do and don\'t think twice about it. Make an attempt to make friends and stop feeling shitty or you\'ll regret it for the rest of your life. In order to do so look at what you enjoy and try making friends through your hobbies, weed certainly can be a catalyst to the process.

    P.S. Don\'t call it grass, it\'s kind of an older term, say bud, nug, or just pot.

    Edit: What the Hell this is the wrong ass forum I shouldn\'t have even replied. At least make an effort to find the right place to post.
  3. i agree with him...athough green, weed, or mary J are also terms to use instead
  4. I would say to try it and maybe you will enjoy smoking weed without trying to impress people. It does give you something to relate to those \"cool\" people at your school i suppose.
  5. yeah thanks yhou guys have all been super helpful@ i stsarted smoking weed (not grass HAHHA that was weird) now and it is awesome. I already had like three girls try to touch my weiner lol
  6. Wow, whatever he\'s smoking. I want some. Now.
  7. HAHA No joke i want some weed that makes chicks horny when im high
  8. haha this thread is making me crack up, but I am pretty sure it\'s not that funny....cooool:smoke: ohh and stoners are by far the most nicest people in all the cliche groups, they\'d be cool to you even if you didn\'t smoke I reckon.
  9. Smoking to look cool is stupid. Hopefully you\'re not doing it for that reason.
  10. obviously a joke...i mean he asks if he should start, and then starts based on 3 responses on a message board, within a few hours. good luck with being cool dude, anonymous internet posting is a start i guess.
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