Does smoking more weed get you higher?

Discussion in 'General' started by Borstal, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. I've always wondered this question. My personal opinion is it doesnt after a few bowls, I tested it multiple times by having 3 bowls next time 5 etc and I don't really feel a noticeable difference. However it is 4/20 today and im going to attempt 10 bowls now and some more later!

    What about your guys experience? Does smoking more weed get you higher?
  2. depends on the weed ... some danks I can smoke all day and keep feeling as if IM now higher than 10 min.. but thats rare about 3.5 grames and I wount get higher IM preaty much to chill to do anthing.
  3. Im about to go smoke soon as it hits midnight here and becomes 4/20 so I will let you guys know if 10 bowls makes a difference since i have a high tolerance atm.

    I am curious to know other peoples experience with this though.
  4. You can really only get so high by smoking bud. Edibles however are a different story.

  5. QFTW. Edibles are a whole different ball game, lol. Many crazy ass experiences with eating to many brownies. God I want to make some cannabutter right now.
  6. what the fuck does qftw mean? lol and smoke blunts dude, why pack 10 bowls, seems a little extreme. theres no comparable feeling to sitting down and smoking a fat ass blunt!:smoking:
  7. blunts give you a different high. ide say rip that bong, wait an hour, rip your spoon, wait an hour, rip the vape(if you have one), wait an hour and hit a blunt/joint. they all give you different highs. or you could do them all in one session. but then youll be so blown that you cant even understand what your thinking. happened to me this 420 and i ended up gashing my leg on a picnick table while trying to vault it. haha
  8. ha my tolerance has gotten to the point where i come down pretty fuckin quick. but smokin more fast definitely elevates my high. i usually smoke outta my bong and just try n take the biggest one hitters i can. one after another, i get so fuckin high, but come down quick after i stop smokin. but then if i keep smokin i just end up fuckin feelin wayy baked/zoned/tired/relaxed
  9. woot for bumping year old threads:smoking:
  10. don't smoke when you're already high. you don't get more high, you just have less weed.

    e: damn it how the hell does this happen
  11. QFTW - Quoted For The Win (I'm pretty sure) It means you agree.
  12. Where do you get these threads man?

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