Does Smoking Marijuana Make You A Bad Person?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by nunsbythebundle, May 22, 2013.

  1. My parents have always told me that if you smoke you will become demotivated and end up going into harder drugs and whatnot. This has always made me question myself because i smoke on a regular basis but I am an honor roll student and have never done anything besides weed. I always put school and other things ahead of it. I never even party but my parents still say it will make me a bad person. Are they right?

  2. I haven't personally met anyone whose life has been destroyed by cannabis. On the other hand, I know several people who have serious problems because of the over-use/abuse of the Internet and video games.
    Anything can have adverse effects if you use it to escape from life instead of facing your issues and working through them.
    As for my own personal experience, I've been ill for a long time, and I feel that cannabis is helping me get my life back.
  3. You seem to have answered your own question.
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    Yes, they are correct. After the first toke you are automatically bad. You stop holding doors for old women. You cut lines at the expense of others. And most despicable of all, you lose the motivation to brush your teeth.
    All in all, a very dicey thing this marijuana.
  5. What kind of answer were you looking for in a weed forum lol.
  6. Well if smoking weed makes me a bad person, then I fucking embrace it.
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  8. Did this need to be asked?
  9. Does the pope shit in the woods?
  10. Next thread idea should be "who likes weed?"
  11. Weed can causs whats known as an ego death.

    Basically you feel like shit about yourself and becoms paranoid and ssnsitive. Thd taboo nature of weed makes it worse.

    Just try to lighten up

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    I think you'd really struggle to achieve 'ego death' from smoking weed. That's not a term I'd throw around lightly. Being paranoid about your weed use isn't ego death, it's your subconscious telling you to smoke less.
    OP, your parents come from a different time when the only way to get news was to read the (biased) papers and the only way to read scientific reports (none of which existed on MJ) was to go to a university library. Of course they think its bad, they've been told its bad for decades and had nowhere else to hear otherwise. Now, maybe they are the kind of people who do their own research, but clearly they haven't been trying very hard or else they'd understand their error.
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    Yes smoking daily shows you don't care about good health. Vaporize that shit.
  14. Yes, it will, but only you OP. And maybe Jimmy from down the street. But that's about it. 
  15. Short answer is no.

    That said, some people who habitually smoke marijuana also have preexisting mental health issues for which they self-medicate. Pot smoking becomes their favorite escape as it is they only way they can feel "normal". These people are not bad people nor is marijuana responsible for their problems.

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  16. Does a bear shit in the woods? And does the (ex)pope shit on the dreams of 200 deaf boys?
  17. Smoking weed may lead you into doing other unmentionables that my open your mind to things you have never even imagined. It will change your views on this world for sure. Whether or not that makes you a bad person depends on the individual. A lazy person smoking weed was already a lazy person before. Weed gets too much blame in my opinion.
  18. What defines you as a bad person? Someone who doesn't make the right decisions? The right decisions are all based upon ones own morals. Serial killers tend to wonder why they are in jail because if they thought killing people was bad they wouldn't do it. Sorry if i'm getting to in depth i'm just super stoned lol.. Basically no you're not a bad person, you just choose to do something that's not 100% socially acceptable by narrow minded government fucks.
  19. Bad to whom? Yourself or other people who don't smoke? It's perspective. It's up to you whether or not you're going to do other drugs and be a burnout. Just smoking cannabis doesn't make you a bad person unless you personally think it does. If it makes you happy and isn't hurting anyone else then how can it be bad?
  20. honor roll? your too young to be smoking op. Cannabis consumption may be harmful at a young age.

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