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Does smoking make you weaker?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by iMaven, May 22, 2009.

  1. For instance, if i were high, would i do more pull-ups or less than if i were lucid?

    And/or does consistent marijuana usage cause you to be weaker, even when you're not high? By consistent, i mean 3-5 times a week.

  2. No, no it does not.
  3. weed makes you lazy i would do less push ups if i were high. i would just want to sit there and chill. i smoke alot and i kick some ass if it does matter than not much
  4. I don't know, about 45 min. ago, I took two huge bong rips of some indica that smells like a stank poon, then I went for a bike ride up and down hills. It was awesome. You can make your body do what you want, even when you're high. The same does not hold true for alchohol.
  5. its all a mind state..if you want to do more you will push yourself to do it..high or not..JMO
  6. Weed doesn't make you weaker. Exercising while blazed is great.

    I love riding my bike when I'm blazed, but I get lost very easily especially if riding in a residential area. lol :smoking:
  7. Yes and the only time when your drunk you can't do what you want is if you're really really drunk you know when you have absolutely no control of yourself or are unaware of your surroundings. This is why I love my weed. I smoke weed and that's it weed has no effect on me in the long run, and it shouldn't for you either. Don't let the weed control you, even though it won't it will only bring out pre-existing tendencies.
  8. somebody needs to watch that video of arnold pumping iron and puffin on a spliff.

  9. Yeaaa i went on a bike ride... and i was out of breath halfway through it (i was going down,w ith a few up hill stretches here and there for about 2 miles (so not that long lmao). I was going as fast as i could in the highest gear soo yea i wasn't just crusin.. and my heart was beating fast.
    Then I got high at the lookout on the edge of hte big hill i live on (it over looks the river its amazingg), and rode back up, mostly UPhill this time... and my heart beat decreased a bit (not much though), and i started breathing like so softly just like 4 seconds inhale - 1 hold in - 4 seconds exhale - 1 wait and so on

    crazy.. Wasn't breathing hard at all.
  10. do you not do any physical activities while high ever?
  11. Its all about state of mind. I can push myself to greater limits when im baked.

  12. Yea...
    i just didn't know if there was any science contradicting what i believed, or if it was just like that with me and few others... so i asked?
  13. id say it would vary from person to personl. I work physically demanding manual labor, and i couldnt do it if im not high. Its pretty much an all day work out, and i find myself getting much more accomplished in a 9 hour shift, if im high the entire time. So for me No, For you or anyone else, try it and find out.:smoking:
  14. whenever i go to gym high (which is basically every time:smoking:) i feel like i can zone into the workout more and get a better lift. marijuana isn't alcohol and doesnt deteriote your muscles like alcohol does.
  15. Immediately- being high will make you lift more, do more reps, just because it increases your heartrate, breathing, and bloodflow, so you get more oxygen in more places quicker. You also feel less pain, and that helps a lot.

    Long term, no. Long term depends only on how much exercise you do.
  16. It only makes the weak minded weaker.
  17. Lowers testosterone and increases estrogen

    it does, trust me

    I am going into exercise phys. as my major and i wondered the same thing. I also used to lift high and honestly it sucks. Also, it makes recovery almost impossible for simple lifting routines.

    I'm speaking in a weight lifters mind set, were lifting heavy weights every week is a must. For general exercise like riding a bike, it's fine.
  18. Well its a different sensation working out when high, so some people would say yes and some no.
  19. You just contradicted yourself?:confused:
  20. Weed makes me weaker. When I workout I can run forever while high, but I don't even think about lifting weights because my body always feels too loosened up

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