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Does smoking make you stronger?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Smokeys, May 21, 2012.

  1. So i just smoked a few hits from my bong and decided to work out. I sat down to do some sit ups and realized i could do how ever many i wanted and it literally didn't phase me. Seriously, i just did 100 and don't feel any more tired nor more worked out then before. Same with push ups. Wtf?
  2. Doesn't make you stronger, it just changes the way you tire.
  3. yeah i could probly take a shotgun blast to the head and survive when im high

  4. So your saying it makes you able to tire less while doing the same amount of work? Thus being stronger?
  5. Stronger in my pants.
  6. i feel the same way like i got high and i walk a very long distance and my legs did not feel tired at all... i think it may have something to do with focus maybe ur focussing on doing the situps and other stuff rather than thinking of how much it hurts or how tired you are??
  7. Many endurance activities are in your head. What I mean is after a certain point, physical endurance is no longer needed, and all you need is focus to finish it. I used to run 20km+, and after the initial 10km, I would no longer feel like I'm straining to run, but rather I'm just doing what I've already been doing, becoming used to it. I'm guessing weed makes you more focus so you dont notice yourself getting tired
  8. It makes me fly.:hippie:

  9. This...weed doesnt make you stronger or change the way you tire. All it will do is change the way you feel

  10. Yeah, I'd go with this too.

    It's not making you stronger, you just aren't feeling the burn as much. :p

    If you over do it, whether high or not, you're gonna feel it later. ;)
  11. These guys are wrong. It makes you stronger.
  12. Lol no, you may not realize how tired you are from them. I haven't noticed any increase in strength or any other physical attribute from weed though.

    And lol at the claim that after a point physical endurance doesn't matter

  13. Dude.

    You weren't supposed to tell him our secret. :mad:
  14. Quick, edit your post! We can pass his off as a troll post!

    Yea man Savagepony why were you trolling?

  15. It's too late, the cat is out of the bag. Everyone is going to want to smoke weed now.

    Thanks, thesavagepony. It's not like this shit grows on trees, you know. :rolleyes:
  16. all the pro bodybuilders are doing it instead of steroids these days
  17. Arnold partook in marijuana before his governator years, when he was a bodybuilder.

  18. yeah i would say many bb's do use it, just a guess. alcohol is bad while using steroids, hard on liver and making gains. so many need something to take the edge off
  19. i go super saiyan 3 after a fat doobie
  20. Yeah man.. Smoking something can make you instantly stronger.. Why dont you pick up a fucking science book instead of smoking all the time?

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