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Does smoking in a downstairs apartment travel up through the air vents to upstairs neighbors?

Discussion in 'Toking Tools Q&A' started by casanovaking2, Dec 7, 2017.

  1. Needless to say, I’m a paranoid fucker when I’m high and in general. My boyfriend and I tend to dab every night. But, at our last apartment they were a lot newer and we smoked every night with windows open, candle lit, and a smoke buddy and never had any issues with neighbors and stuff. We recently moved into another apartment and they’re a little older, so I’m just wondering that since they are older if the smell travels up through the vents making the neighbors being able to smell it? Our apartment is not attached on either side to another complex, just our upstairs neighbors. We use an enail to dab but I just want to be safe rather than sorry
  2. It can yeah. Depends on the vents and construction of the building, you know? Sometimes each unit is independent, other times they all share the same air shaft. It sounds like you're taking adequate precautions though.
  3. Who's to say these "older " people don't dab it up more than you? Lol. I'm probably what you consider older and I don't know anyone that smokes more than me.
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  4. Don't smoke near a return vent, thats all I can say. When I was younger I lived in a studio apartment in an old 3 story house that had a return vent in my room and it would make the whole house smell like a Cypress Hill concert
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  5. It's smoke, it goes everywhere.
  6. If your blowing it in the room then probably smoking in a room leaves the room smelling of shit weed bong water smell after a good session.

    Use common sense the smoke is the smell so blow it all out the window.

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  7. for less than 200 you could set up charcoal scrubber .
  8. How many stoners do you know who are gonna spend that kind of money for a smell filter? :biggrin:

    A lot of heads wont even spend money on nice glass and smoke out homemade bongs and steamrollers
  9. quite a few lol most however use a ozone generator days of burning incense are out of style.

    Ohh that reminds me you can also buy ozone uv lights for ducting there used to kill mold place them in the ducting problem solved .
  10. If your that worried just stick with edibles.
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  11. Lol well I am considered older and am a heavy toker, I lived in an older apt building on lower level now in newer building on the top 3rd level.. Never an issue. I'm an careful though... I've noticed when coming home the breezeway already has a fresh scent of bud being smoked..
    So, PPP
    To my neighbors

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  12. I stay in an apartment block, we went on a tbreak a couple months back but there was a strong smell of weed coming from the kitchen. After emptying every cupboard in the kitchen we realised it must be coming from downstairs.

    Like whoever said - blow it out the window, keep it stored well etc.

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  13. Make your own airfilters for the vents with dryer sheets. Mice hate them too. You could also just get an air purifier that can handle smoke...

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  14. It's OK to be paranoid.

    After getting arrested I will forever be a paranoid fucker (which ruins the high, luckily it killed my temptation to smoke and it's easy to stop).

    I've lived in three different apartments, none of them have I ever smelled weed from other people's units. Only me or my roommate(s) that smell up the place. I think you're OK.

    If you've never smelt others food odors in your APT, then you should be fine. Some stuff people cook can produce a very potent smell, more so than bud.
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  15. Yeah, you would have to know the contruction of the building at least somewhat to know, but I would say by dabbing as opposed to buds along with the Smoke Buddy are probably pretty good. My spouse and I usually go into the bathroom with the fan on and some Febreeze to mask some of the smell.
  16. Without knowing how the building is set up all anyone can do is guess.
  17. when i smoke in my house my neighbors can smell it across the street...god they suck
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  18. I really don't understand, I reside in an apartment,smoke ever evening and do not worry about blowing right into a port, I just toke up in my living room. Been doing so for about two years.

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