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does smoking effect athletes?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by hayz, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. I'm getting high after my soccer game. I'm one of the sickest on my team and smoke like 3 times a day.weed helps me relax all athletes should smoke weed.:hello:
  2. Smoking will eventually come to affect your cardiovascular endurance. But psychologically, pot can do some very good things for people, under any circumstances -- sports included!
  3. Just look at the NBA.

    Most players do admit to using marijuana when off the record.
  4. Now that's the shit.
    Ballin' up while blitzed is awesome.
  5. Now just imagine getting paid millions to do it. Betcha they're not smokin no schwag, probably that luscious lakers kush.
  6. I swim, and since I have started to smoke, my lung capacity has gotten a lot better. I don't know if it is actually from smoking, but I have also gotten better since is started smoking
  7. Seems to work for Mr. Phelps :rolleyes:

    Wish I woulda smoked while I played soccer. But I suggest some skating and especially paintball.
  8. I smoke the night before every soccer game I have, helps relax my mind and focus. And I'm going to be playing D2 in college with a scholarship. So it can't be that bad for an athlete.
  9. Yes, it makes you badass. I.e. Phelps, Lincecum, etc.
  10. fuck yea i love skating while toasted!
  11. I took fitness testing (for my career) and scored well above average on all aspects, including my cardiovascualr max, and that was smoking up until 2-3 days before my test date. So after this little self study I concur that smoking did NOT affect my physical capabilities ;)
  12. Get a vaporizer and you'll be golden. :)
  13. ive been getting blizzy like everyday in the past 3 years and im still competing with the top lacrosse players in my county........ and i L ride to every basketball game, just cause i think it makes my jump shot wetter
  14. I swim and play water polo in college, while vaping pretty much every day. I can honestly say that I play better after a bowl. In the beginning of the water polo season I played sober and I wasn't hitting my shots very consistently at all, so I tried a bowl in my VG before a game mid-season and I was really focused and I seemed to have more energy throughout the whole game, I didn't even get taken out once. After my game my coach said that I played the best game in my two year career there.

    So I would say that smoking doesn't affect me negatively at all, vaping that is.
  15. It's going to affect all people differently; some perform better, some worse.
    I got several D1 and D2 scholarships playing basketball (also played football and volleyball), and often burned right before playing. While I believe it's hurt my long distance endurance, I sometimes play even better under the influence. I would just recommend a more sativa-based strain before playing; you want that more focused, active high. Blazing after games or workouts is always great to relax, and is great for team bonding. ;)
    It's been estimated by a survey of NBA players that about 60% of them smoke weed. Several NFL stars like Randy Moss, Michael Vick, and Ricky Williams are known smokers. So clearly, it works for some people, but those are a rare few who made it to the highest level (no pun intended).
    Just remember to be responsible, and if you're truly an athlete, to keep sports as your priority. :smoke:
  16. In Super High Me the dude vaped/smoked all day everyday(Volcano mostly) for 30 days straight and it decreased his lung capacity by 2% which I believe with an obvious margin of error shows that it doesn't really noticably effect your lung capacity. In fact I would venture to guess that if he started working out during that 30 day period of getting high he would have increased his lung capacity.
  17. Well smoking is obviously going to decrease your lung capacity, that's just common sense. However, I know somebody who starts on the Sac State soccer team, and he says that he only lets himself smoke when he's working out at the gym. Never at parties, never just munching out with his mates, never right before bed to get a good night's rest. Because it forces him to work out if he wants to get high, he works out a hell of a lot more than if he didn't smoke, and voila! Smoking effects him positively as an athlete.
  18. Going paintball blazed is the shit. I did that last time I went. After every game or two go back to the car and pack some bowls. It is the shit.
  19. As long as you stay fit youll be good for a while

    I used to run track in high school really good too, then i stopped and started smokin bud and quit working out. I tried running and i could still run fast...just only for about 2 minutes:(
  20. my whole wrestling and lacrosse team smoke all the time before matches and games and we all do fine. Normally better if we smoke the day before something.

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