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does smoking bud stunt growth

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bluntmanOG, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. I was arguingnwith my
    Roommates lil bro about it he said it stunts a kids growth is this true?
  2. haha no.
    the only thing that stunts your growth is malnourishment, lack of sleep, cigarettes and tobacco products. it might mess up your growth by a fraction of a centimeter, but there isn't any way to tell really.
  3. Damn cigarettes made me the smallest in the family. AND ALOT OF THEM SMOKE THEM!
  4. if anything it COULD help

    haha there is a bone stimulant part of pot if activated with the right heat
  5. Pshhhh Who needs growth :rolleyes:
  6. nope. I've grown over a foot in a year, so thats a no
  7. You heard him guys.

    This myth can't be true when that one guy grew over a foot in one year.
  8. what kind of question is this?
  9. They told me coffee would stunt my growth, I've been drinking it since I was 2. I am 6 foot 3 inches.
  10. I've heard that myth so many times.

    The answer is no, its just a myth. :smoke:

  11. What do you think a Blunt is made of???
  12. no. but it will probably mess up your posture. lol

  13. Holy fuck, lol.
  14. Hahaha thats classic

  15. notice how he said bud, not blunts haha.
  16. Is there an age when it's OK for the kids to start smoking weed? I started when I was twelve stealing bud from my older brother that sold it to his classmates. I wonder if there's a doctor in the house that can answer this question? I say as soon as you can purchase a lighter at the store without being asked for your age...right? :smoke:
  17. I'd say once your body is pretty much done with puberty (17-22). For one your (hopefully) more mature and your physical body is pretty much done growing and such. I'm no doctor but I believe this is accurate.
  18. HAHAHAHAHA wow, I was stoned when I read that. :bongin:
  19. i choke on your deciet
  20. Dont worry bro you dont need to be tall. ( well unless you wana attract superficial chicks ha jk) Remember we are not really in the wild frontier anymore. No need to appear bigger to intimidate leapards or bears or whatnot. Dont make too much difference weather you are an inch or 2 taller than you are now...Getting to youre question and i can say with out a shadow of doubt that there is not a shred of conclusive evidence to suggest that smoking bud stunts growth...well assuming by growth you mean height.

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