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Does smoke weed affect your lungs

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by joe250, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. Iv been smoking weed for a long time and have read and watched alot of stuff about weed and can't figure out whats facts an fiction.

    But I really started observe what I was smoking.

    If you smoke a cigarette (I have never) the filter is all nasty by the time you finish it

    If you put weed in a cigarette stick and when you finish it, its also nasty and dark. Its resin of the bud but what really gets me is that we are the filters when we smoke weed. Does resin affect you and I really think it does
  2. yes, weed affects your lungs. however, not on the same level that tobacco does, and it doesn't cause lung cancer. but any smoke is bad for your lungs.
  3. Your inhaling carbon something or another, its not going to improve them...
  4. it has more tar than tobacco, but you dont have to smoke nearly as much of it to get affects (if its good) and you dont smoke nearly as much weed as people smoke cigarettes. i know people that smoke 2 packs (40 cigarettes) a day and have been doing so for years, theres no way your gonna smoke 40 joints a day, but if you did, your lungs would be worse off. even with a daily weed smoker, your body will probably remove more tar every day than you put in
  5. I have noticed an increase in my lung capacity since i began smoking weed, as well as a decrease in how active i can be without losing breath, if i dont keep consistently in shape. The Main thing is to remember is if you have any kind of respritory issues (Asthma is different as Mmj is often prescribed for it and has helped keep mine in check) do not smoke or vape (vape MAYBE but it depends on the issue) It caused a common cold cough to become pneumonia, (still got it, cant medicate, edibles not accessable atm due to dispensarie bullshit going down in Mi, but thankfully the ones by me are popping back up) putting tars and burnt plant matter smoke in your lungs is never "Good" for them but its only "Bad" if there is an underlying issue that gets agitated via smoke going in, at least in my expierence

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