Does size matter?

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  1. I think it kinda does...

    Thickness is no good :mad:, length is :hello:

    What do you gals and guys think?
  2. How the fuck would I know? What'ru geahy.
  3. Size matters on a level, Not too big, not too small, around 5-7 is just perfect, but girth matters just as much.
  4. you want to find out?

    Girth hurts lol.
  5. Girth might hurt if your hole of choice wasn't designed to stretch with the insertion of a penis.

    Edit: 1000th post, strange one I might say.
  6. So don't bite my head off but I think it really does both length and width. Now I'm not saying some 10in freak of nature, but 7-8 and nice and thick.
  7. yes size matters im 6inches and 5inch in girth which everyone says is average but thats just a lie.

    Once this girl was at my house and we was laying in bed together and she started jacking me off after a couple seconds she kinda laughed said sorry and left

    It sucks cause im a decent looking guy so i always have to make an excuse up when girls try to get with me i cant go through that shit again
  8. It's definitely not a lie ^
  9. I don't like black chicks, does that make you feel good?
  10. more girls have complimented my girth than my length... then again i'm not SUPER long, slightly above average (~7) .... sooooo, yeah... take that as you will.

    but from experience and conversations i've had with a plethora of womens, i think they are more keen on girth and how you use it.
  11. I usually hear:

    Ooh... aw... what are you hitting?!

    I guess that means I have a length problem?
  12. Sometimes my boyfriend hits something on the inside, it's like a brick fucking wall and it makes my lower back cramp up. I also have quite and issue in the first 5 minutes with my vagina feeling like it's being torn open.

    Let me be the first chick to tell you... Sometimes it's good to be just average. :)
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    Well, seeing as my nickname is Papa Thickness I will have to disagree with you that length is better.
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    Ummmm what? Lol
  15. As long as my lady is pleased with the results, that's all that matters to me.

  16. 6in long and 5in girth is WELL above above average. Dude that girl sounds like a bitch.

    I'm 6.4in long and 5.6in girth and EVERY single girl I've been with has said I'm well endowed. In fact my current girlfriends first reaction to my penis was, "Woah you have a monster cock." I'm not bragging I'm simply stating some FACTS to support my claim that the girl who left you was a bitch.
  17. some girls like the length. i'm above avg in length and soso in girth and my lady loves it. says its just perfect except when i try to pound in prone bone, i stat hitting her cervix and she'll push me back.

    maybe the girls walls are so loose that she desires/needs more. just b/c you got, still need to know how to use it. now thats what really matters.

    btw chronicluv4peac that woman is an asshole, not cool at all.
  18. You can't get make it across the Atlantic in a row boat but the Titanic sunk.

  19. Yes you can. People have swam across the Atlantic.

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