Does she want to fuck?

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  1. alright, so ive been talking to this girl for about a week and were over at my house making out and then she climbs on top of me(cowgirl style) and just stared deep into my eyes, it was the craziest shit ever because ive been around the block a few times and i knew a couple signals that girls send when they want to fuck but i was completely confused this time and i just played with her hair and smiled at her because i didnt know what the fuck to do. should i try to fuck her the next time she comes over? 

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    She was staring deep into your soul. Fuck her with all your might! You could probably get a wife out of this!
  3. Fuck her in the ass.
  4. you blew it

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  5. No she was just trying to test your ability to be a horse
    Dude duh 
  6. seriously? shes probably on the phone crying to her best friend cause she went as far as possible without looking like a slut to have sex with you and now she feels she has to stoop to a lower level to make you want her. 
    LOL.  OH MY!
  8. ahahahaha nice one

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  9. just tell her you were being a gentleman and didnt want to look foolish by making a move too soon or whatever. then fuck her right in the pussy.
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    Are you serious? What's wrong with guys? You just blew your opportunity. What, you think she wanted to play Xbox?
  11. A week into talking and she already wants to fuck..easy much lol

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  12. I'm gonna try to fuck her when I see her again.. I didn't do anything cuz she doesn't really seem like that type of girl but maybe I was wrong
  13. She mounts you and you play with her hair.... Wtf bro I'm disappointed

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  14. So you just stared at each other...and then she got up? Awkward. Did she at least say something? lol
    and the answer to your question is always yes.
    -Rosie O'Donnell
  16. Maybe her body was been taken over by aliens.. Her stare was her cry for help
    Wow, you are a terrible person. Why would you not help her??
  17. You dont recognize real brother.

    Its from too many trips around the block and not enough realness.

    She doesnt sound like the fuckable type to me, she sounds like a real person. Tread lightly, real women and sluts are two different animals.

    ~ poke

  19. A small part of me dies inside every time I read a thread like this.

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