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does she look ok as last one of same plant was leggy as

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by whoski, May 30, 2009.

  1. please can some give us a heads up if you think this ones gonna be streached out to as wats the point!!!!!!

    OR fingers crossed doesshe look ok?

    Flowering for about 2 weeks
  2. Should of put pic up hey

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  3. Dam lol, thats one crazy plant lol. What kinda lights do you got and how far away are they?

  4. 400watt hps about 6 inch's away from tops cant get any further away as thats it space lol

    luckly seems to have stoped going up
  5. Yea its that big and its only 2 weeks into flowering good luck with space lol. I don't know a lot about hps, but from what I recall their in the red spectrum. Without some blue spectrum light plants tend to stretch, and it defintally looks like that thing is stretching to me lol. Otherthen that it looks good, lots of bud sites :smoke:

  6. Were can i get my blue light from coud i use one of my BLUE spectrum bulbs at same time as HPS bulb???

    would this stop it from streching??? fateerr bauds would they be, because of extra bue light???

    also last thing does lots ofbuds site mean just medioca buds???? or will they be good all oer???
  7. band the top down and allow the lower bud sites to grow more making it more bushy. Simply pinch the stem at the desired hieght and bend it in a 90* fashion and tie it to a stake or soemthing else to support it. End of height problems and it will also induce a higher yield since the lower tops will get more light etc. The plant looks fine and it will fill in within weeks. 4-6 of flowering.

    btw: is that power skunk? thats how my power skunk grew as well.
  8. Blue light doesn't make fat dense buds, thats what red light does. I agree with Bolthero, if you lst you'll make those bud sites into main colas and it'll help with your height problem.
  9. #
    HPS@s do ok got two rooms well say rooms mean space, lol. for veg growth,

    why bend top when should have enough room for nice top bud???? or would bending it really help rest of growth....

    Also its alaskan ice ...... dont think this should of been my first grow plant as hard but hey if can do this, then others should be easier!!!!! hahahahahahah yeh right.

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