does she look normal?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by medicalgrows, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. she kinda looks a little bean stalky...not to sure first time grower here

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  2. Nope sorry that is to much stretched but there is hope and you can make it bushy, Get the right lights CFL's or HID as the looks of it you just used an incadescent bulb right? Thats not gonna cut it my friend if you did use that light bulb, after you get more light (right spectrum bulbs) you will want to bend and tie the plant down, just do a search "LST" and you will have the info you desperately need. Some folks FIM or Top their plants to force side branching but LST does the same without recovery time plus you really dont want to cut what could have been your biggest Bud, it's up to you but ya gotta do something if you want some buds. Because if you keep on going the way you are you will get nothing, well it will make a good house plant though just no buds, it's not to late and dont kill it, experiment with the plant it's a great hobby, good luck.
  3. it's under a 250watt MH that pic was out for feeding time...i always had the light pretty close to it well at least to make the top leaves temp 80F btw its a master kush...if that makes any differnece?
  4. if you want try to train it a bit...may be hard now sinse you let it for so long but you can try...and lower the light to the point where if you put your hand right above the top of your plant it should feel warm, not hot, warm...

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