Does she like me?

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  1. So yesterday was the first time I met this girl. It was group of us and we were going to a local theme park, so while we were in the car... It starts off really well, we make conversation about stuff we both relate with so it went very well. As we got inside the park, it was extremely dark, so my friend and her boyfriend hold hands, then their friend holds the girls hand, then she offers her own hand for me to hold, sometimes though, we would hold hands when we didn't have to. I wasnt squeezing tight or anything, so I assume if she no longer wanted to hold hands she couldve easily let go. (QUESTION: If she didn't want to hold hands, would she have just let go?). We even held hands when we had to go down stairs, or if someone or something broke us from holding hands we would just hold them again. Then When we went to the haunted houses, Mr friend and her by decided we would hang on to each other's shoulders, and the girl decided to be up with me because I was in the front of the haunted house maze. There were times that we all accidentally for really close, to the point to where she was slight leaning on the back of me, but she didn't try to move out of it, as if she didn't mind. So yeah, does it sound like she liked me? She for scared a lot during the haunted houses and would kinda house behind me.

    One thing I noticed about her is that she laughed a lot.

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  2. You have made all the right moves. Follow up with the class of Prince William and the relationship may make it to the altar.
  3. Yeah she likes you. You could have even kissed her last night.
  4. Here's a thought, it was a friendly gathering and you didn't repel her. It's possible she's interested in you but it's just as likely that she's not. She may have just been comfortable with situation.
  5. Damn bro you got to second base on the first date. I'd tell her you want to take it slow or you could be dealing with marriage in a month at this rate.

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  6. no

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    I'm reading this and I feel like I'm in high school again. Yeah bro, you scored! You might kiss her cheek next time! Woohoo!
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  9. We weren't on a date, my friend and her boyfriend wanted to invite her
  10. Holy shit! Hand holding! Quick, send her "Do you like me? Tick yes or no" note! 
    Nah, but just hang with her again, get more of a vibe, ask your friend to invite her along or something. That way it's more casual than you texting/calling/FBing her. Move from there.

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