Does she have a thing for me?

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  1. I've known her for a year but barely ever talk to her. Saturday was our 2nd time hanging out. We were smoking and she started to get touchy with me. Whenever she would talk she would touch my leg or thigh. She grabbed/latched on to me when we were walking down the street. When we were sitting down we were rocking back and forth between our shoulders and she looked me in the eye for a few seconds with a smile. She laid her head on my chest to listen to my heartbeat. She put her hands in my jacket pocket to keep warm. She was laughing at a lot of the stuff I said. She keep on going up to me to get warm and hugging me. I'm 6'2 and she stood next to me and said your so tall and smiled, seemed to do this a few times. Anyways we chilled for a few hours me , my friend and her, shot the **** she is s good friends with my friend and she wasn't as touchy with him. She play punched him in the arm and laid her head on his shoulder but nothing more. Tldr sorry but just kinda wondering about this. Thanks
  2. Is this a trick question? She wanted to listen to your heartbeat? Touched your leg and laughed every single time you talked?

    She doesn't like you

    But for real she does.
  3. 2 options

    Shes into you

    Or she does this with a lot of guys and isnt into you and is just flirtatious (unless she is a slut, then shes a slut and this option goes the same only replace flirtatious with promiscuous )

    Do you know her history lol? Is she frequently having bf's and ditching them? More info needed
  4. Haha, you missed a lay opportunity.

    You were suppose to grab her hands, show that you are dominant (by holding her hands) and then look into her eyes, should be obvious if she wants a kiss or not.
  5. son of a bitch

  6. isnt a slut, hasnt had many bfs
  7. Call her up and go to a movie (based on what you just said, she aint a whore just slutting around soooooooo)

    shit will be very obviousl if you leave the theatre, and havent watched any of the movie
  8. She's definitely into you.

  9. thanks for the advice broski.

    btw, thats a sick pickup thread u got. just browsed thru it a lil bit and was drooling man. makes me wana move to cali or any place i can get a mmj card
  10. Colorado is where i reside hahahaha
  11. This reminds me...

    I once had a girl tell me to feel her heart beat. She then took my hand and placed it directly on her boob.

    I told her, "I feel something but I don't think it's a heart beat."
  12. I think it's pretty clear that she hates your fucking guts.
  13. get it while it's hot.

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