Does schwag grow well?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Tron, Jun 21, 2004.

  1. Im too cheap to buy real seeds, so i stole some schwag seeds from my friend, and i am thinking about planting them. Is it hard?
  2. Now that I've stopped laughing, I'll do my best to help you out.

    First things' first, definitely read up on growing. If you want any weed in the end at all, information is the first thing to look for. Learn every tidbit of info that you can, and then come back here.

    As for your main question, yes, schwag has the potential to grow well. The main word here is "potential;" if you do not give your plants love, attention, and nice lights, they will.. uh.. spit at you every time they see you! Well, not really, but they won't produce anything better than what the original schwag was.

  3. Yea, i know i sound like a kook asking such a dumb question, but i realized i have the potential to grow plants, so why the hell not? If it works, ill have free bud.
  4. If you want my honest opinion, if you want to have some nice bud to have on hand, get yourself a HID light or two, and some good seeds. Good genetics in your plants is one of the most valuable factors involved with growing. I've done all mine so far from bagseed with some exceptional bud coming from them, but eventually I will get myself a big name strain.

    But yes, the nicest thing about growing weed in my opinion is that you have weed to smoke whenever you want.

  5. genetics like said b4 plays a key role.... ive seen good growers grow amazing bud from "dirty brown seeds" and ive seen good growers grow sum dirt from the same.... it alll depends..., but with the right enviroment and right care you should get sum preety decent bud. atleast better than what you had in the first place...... chances are it came from sum1 who had no idea wtf they were doin and planted it in sum field and let it grow..... and than packed it up and Attempted and succedded in gettin it thru customes..... id say atleast 95 percent of our dirt "cheap" mariijuana is i guess you can say "imported" , what im trying to say is with the right growing techniques the sky is the limit.. especialy with todays technology.... No need for expensive HID lights or anything like that.... its your first grow take it easy on the wallet.... buy a nice fluorescent or a fluorex if you have a little money..... ive seen good bud grown from fluros sumtimes better than HID, HPS, because peopole get carless because they have " the best equipment" treat her good and she will treat you good.... peace out sam
  6. HID, HPS lighting doesn't necessarily give you better bud, just more. Bagseeds have potential to become great, but if your serious about growing i'd go with some name brand seeds. By investing in good equipment in the beginning will pay off in the end. Plus it takes the same amount of work to grow some bagseed thats going to be allright bud, or you could spend like 20-50 and have blueberry, white widdow, ak47.

  7. Hi tron..

    i think bag seeds are the best seeds to start of with....well you got to start somewhere.......why on earth would you go and spend good money on seeds youre only learning with....i say take youre seeds and try a grow if they die so what you learnt something and the seeds cost you nothing any other money spent on things like lights will be there for youre second tron go for it ....if you get bud well don if not so what....

    good luck man

    laters jay
  8. wow all, thanks for all your help with this, i wasnt expecting so many positive responses. Its not like he minded me taking some seeds, whats he going to do with them, other than throw them away. Should I expect a pretty pungent smell once the plant starts growing?

  9. Not until flowering. Until then it's odourless. When it does start smelling just make an ozone generator.
  10. I would never recommend someone spend money on seeds for a first or even second grow, get some experience first. I myself have always grown bagseed, and have never been dissapointed with the outcome. Most shwag is grown like tokemansam said, by people who use improper growing, harvesting, drying, curing , and handling techniques. To assume that because weed has seeds, that it is genetically inferior is just that, an assumption. If you take good care of it and handle it properly after harvest, it should always be better than the weed you got the seed from, at least it always has been in my experience.
  11. schwagg grows well

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  12. Nice!
    I guess Schwag grows quite well lol
    PS: wot kinda set-up u got em in?
  13. 400watt hps.....complete organic grow, no chemicals.
  14. Nice!
    I can almost smell it lol
  15. Naughty, what was that plant in the back ground? Shwag as well? Any way, you have inspired me to try to cultivate some schwag. If it has that potential then damn, im down! :) Lemme know how it smokes
  16. sup Toke.. couple of questions, what do you define schwag as? if its just the seeds out of the bag of some shit weed, then yea definetly schwag. if it was good weed and came with seeds, you really couldnt call it schwag, but then if all you smoke is genetics, then i guess you could call it schwag. if you choose bagseed from your shwag, make sure its a healthy brown seed, uncrushed. ive found the gray ones will germinate, but seem harder to get going. the picture i posted was from bagseed on a current grow, from comparing the picture to some seed banks, the closes i could come up and with some help, the strain appears to be some type of skunk. youre in the states, so chances of you running across a similiar mix will probably be quite high. good luck
  17. Im just gettin startin on growin, this is my first attempt and am using a mix of bagseed from mid-grade and AZ :p yummy.

    I havent bought schwag in a while, but is it indica or sativa? Looks sativa from the leaves, but im just a noob.
  18. hey u started growing that schwag yet?
    how's it going so far?
  19. from what I've read (never grown but like reading) the only (and most important) piece of advice I could give is- don't tell anyone you're growing! Not ANYONE- unless they NEEEEEED to know.

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