Does scented baby powder puffed into the air hide the smell well?

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  1. Has anybody tried it?
  2. i havent tried it but i have this stuff and it works really well, covers up the scent of smoke without being overpowering.


    it's febreze air effects and the scent is rocky springs and cool, you should be able to get it at any wal-mart
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    no it doesnt

    but even regular baby powder is good to use to mask the smell on your person
  4. No but what does work is getting a job and getting your own place so you don't have to sneak around.
  5. no but baby powder keeps ya smellin fresh
  6. Yes it does work. Providing windows are open. We use it in jail to mask MJ smells from the cell as there are no aerosols in jail. But yes, talc does work
  7. Oh it might work in a pinch in an environment already filled with interesting odors such a prison, but not for some kid in his bedroom in his parent's house. They'll smell it.
  8. Maybe if you use a blow toker along with talc.
  9. get a HEPA air purifier, they help quite a bit. i think they are fairly inexpensive now
  10. While I would tend to agree, it seems like that was a bit harsh. I know plenty of people who have their own place and roommates that are totally fine with someone smoking, but don't want a certain room to smell like nuggets of weed all day ev-a-ree-day. Plus if I wasn't living somewhere permanently, I wouldn't want the place to smell like nuggets either when I have visitors and might have to move out at some point.

    You are probably correct though in that it's a kid in his house :)

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