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Does scenery affect your high a lot?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Durb, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. I live in a pretty built-up area, no spectacular scenery anywhere near me. But when I have smoked in the past in places with good scenery, such as at the beach or somewhere in the countryside, I find the high to be a lot better than if I just did it in my town. It bums me out sometimes, cause I can only go to the places with good scenery every now and then to smoke. How much does scenery affect other peoples highs?
  2. I just prefer to be in a comfortable place when I'm high. Comfortable in both the physical way, and mental to keep my mind at ease and enjoy the high. Although I know what you mean. The beach during the summer is one of my favorite places to be high, same with my padio on a summer night. Starting to warm up where I live, so pumped :smoke:
  3. Definitely does affect your high. You get used to your surroundings, therefore your high just doesn't seem as great anymore. Switch it up and you'll have a lot more fun
  4. It definitely does... It's all about setting for me... i love going out and smoking in nature, where i don't have to be stealthy or anything. I love being able to just sit on a stump somewhere with a nice view and smoke a joint or two.

    Unfortunately, i live right smack dab in the middle of Boston so it's kinda hard to do that... still, the Common works well enough =D
  5. Dude... I LOVE nature. Hiking the App trail this summer. So stoked.
  6. I get what you mean about just being in a comfortable place, and mixing up your surroundings, but the highs I have in my usual area are just not as pleasurable as I want them to be, because of the lack of scenery. Of course, every now and then I have a real good high at home, but I might just start smoking when I go somewhere new :L
  7. Hell yes! A few friends and I smoked up and went on a pretty long drive to go eat. On the way we passed these corn fields that were covered with fog after a misty rain, the sun was just coming through the clouds lighting up everything making the rain/mist/fog sparkle. it was like life in HD. i was so high i cried.
  8. Ahaa omg that sounds amazing :') See, if I went for a drive I'd have to drive for at least three hours to get anywhere like that :/ bad times
  9. Yes.

    If I'm in my comfy ass room, I barely feel a hit.

    If I'm in nature, a hit is massive.
  10. Haha yea man i get like that sometimes too. then a fucking deer jumped over the car!!! tripped me the hell out but the food was worth it. lol
  11. Being high affects your senses and perception of the outside world. If you are in a more enjoyable area that is more sensually pleasing with smells, sounds, sights, then you should feel a better high.
  12. I seem to appreciate my high a lot more if I'm actually doing something as opposed to crashing on a couch and tearing open a bag of chips. This is especially so in places that I'm not accustomed to. Being stoned in my room is an average night, but being outside while stoned is an adventure.
  13. Does scenery affect your mood? If you were in disney world compared to your bedroom, im sure you would be much more excited.
    If your high and your in a bedroom, sure your still high but not as high as you would feel if you were out in nature:smoke:
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    Definately man. Theres no better high than when you are walking through some bomb woods or smoking with an amazing view. This is a spot like 5 minutes from my house in cali. Its a bench right at the edge of a cliff overlooking some bomb fields and a dope hill right ahead. Its on the side of a fucking rich ass neighborhood, so that makes it a little more sketch, but its pretty far from any houses and its california, no one cares about smoking bud, especially if you have a mmj card. This is One of My absolute favorite place to burn a fat joint


    Also this is a view off of fish ranch road off of highway 24 in california (plus mad rep if you know what im talking about.) basically you get off the highway and drive up a long windy road up the side of a cliff, and theres an area where a bunch of cars can pull off and its on the side of a cliff and you can see the entire bay. All of oakland, berkeley, and san francisco. My friends and i have blazed there countless times


  15. I don't think scenery affects your high but if u keep blazing in the same spot and doing the same thing your high might get a little dull so its always good to switch it up a bit!
  16. I think its more about your overall mood, and the scenery effects that
  17. I think that smoking my bong in my room is not a very long or lively high, but when i smoke blunts with friends outside and chill outside all day my highs last a lot longer and seem stronger. I think that fresh air is a key factor in improving a high.
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    grizzly peak? I was just there a couple nights ago but it was foggy :( Its an awesome view tho

    And I agree. Going on a nice hike or going to a view spot naturally increases my high or something haha
  19. It's great hearing about all the scenery you guys have access to :) Still, I should be going on a hiking/camping trip in a few weeks, so that should give me some good oppurtunities.
  20. I feel like scenario and people effect your high, i feel like being in a different scenario than your usual one will most defintely alter your high. I also believe that smoking with a group of people, you wont realy get as high as you would smoking by your self... Idk it might just be me

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