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Does rolling with these taste good?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by InhaleExhale716, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. Swisher Sweet Tropical Fusion!! Got some bud I want to smoke in one.
  2. These

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    I love to roll a blunt with the tropical fusion swisher and the pineapple whiteowl.

    Its the blue pack right?

    Edit: oh yeah those are good, smoke up! If I buy swisher its either tropical fusion or strawberry.
  4. Smoke and find out... 
  5. Tropical fusion is usually my choice of blunt wrap

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    not even joking, I was hoping you were going to ask about these on the topic.  They're the best blunt, super strong and super fruity flavor.  best blunts ever
  7. So hard for me to roll.... Do yall use the two papers or take one off? They're delicate as fuck. I hated art class because of rolling. Rolling clay not my thing. Guess I'm use to bowls.
  8. watch a youtube video or try the card trick to roll it
  9. Tropical fruits awesome. I like grape or 24k gold white owls too.

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  10. I do not use anything that has a warning on it from the surgeon general.
  11. #11 Bill Dauterive, Oct 28, 2014
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    Hmmm. Yeah as of may 2004 old skool you know you like to puff in a big fat cigar stuffed with dank everyonce in a while. Do go easy on blunts though.
  12. #12 Bill Dauterive, Oct 28, 2014
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    Grape are ok the best thing about the 24k gold is the packaging, they taste like shit and they have a weird smell to them.
    DAMMIT I gotta stop with the double posts.
  13. #13 IRON-EYES, Oct 28, 2014
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    I make my own blunt wraps G
    Some decent quality tobacco and you know a piece of screen a basin some fruit juices some sliced up dried fruit A little bit of shake puts some weed right in the wrap you mix your materials and get a slurry going in some water with the fruit juices with the tiny sliced up fruit with tobacco with the weed all of it in the water. In the basin with the piece of screen in the bottom of the basin before you get started then you pull the screen up through the basin it will strain a blunt wrap on to the top of the screen as you pull it through the fucking water then I dry them in the humidor so that they come out to the right level of humidity rather than being too crackly...
    ... Presto homemade blunt wraps in the same fashion that the Japanese make the calligraphy paper
  14. Damm, son did his research
  15. Dutch masters!!!!!!!
  16. The arctic ice and the new cinnamon ones actually have a taste. My new favorites.

    Stay Positive, Stay Based..

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