Does Robert Downer jr. play a good black man in tropic thunder?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by incrededibles, Jul 4, 2017.

  1. Would you say it's an accurate portrayal and how offended were you?
  2. Who is Robert Downer Jr.

    Is he related to Robert Downey Jr, perhaps?
    Don't stop being funny, ok? Because you're really funny.
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  3. Who pissed in your weed flakes?
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  4. What the fuck that was Robert Downey Jr.?!? All these years and I didn't know... But now that I think about it I do see it. Holy shit. Mind=Blown.
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  5. lmao what a question, what a thread
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  6. Well technically, he's actually playing a white guy who got plastic surgery done so that the white guy hes playing could play a black guy....

    He's a dude, playin a dude, disguised like another dude ;)
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  7. "I'm a dude, playing a dude disguised as another dude!"

    In this scene RDJ is wearing a disguise which makes Robert Downey Jr acting as an Australian, who is acting as a black man, pretending to be an opium employee.
    That's like 4 levels

    Does he play an accurate representation? He does get called out for acting stereotypical,
    And the joke a few times is his over the top actions give me that damn map or when he doesn't stop being black despite situations anyone would stop acting

    Pretty funny though

    So funny
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    I'm part black, which in the eyes of everyone else means I'm 100% black. :laughing: But yeah, i wasn't offended, i knew it was a comedy and he play it flawlessly. I honestly thought he WAS a black man the first time I saw it and was like "there is no way they made him look so black" BUT THEY DID! it's some shit, good movie all around:popcorn:

    My favorite part
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  9. Gotta love the response of that second dude, "what?!" :p
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  10. giphy.gif
    whatever the color...
    Just never go .....Full Retard..!
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  11. Since you made this post
    I just had to watch it again and yeah

    its one of the deepest comedies ever

    Worst movie for Ben Stiller
    but one of the best for Tom Fuck'in Cruise

  12. Fell out my chair when I saw Cruise
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  13. idk about all that but I still enjoyed the movie lol.
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  14. for a moment i thought this was a new movie cause everyone's talking about it.. turns out it was made in 2008?
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  15. He's RDJ. He can play a toaster if he wants and it will be good.

    Favorite 2 seconds in Tropic Thunder

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