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Does resin get YOU high?

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by kushman501, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. For some reason resin never really gets me high. Does it get you high?
  2. usually, if its a lot, if its a little, i get just a little high
  3. Absolutely. Especially after I haven't smoked in a week or two.
  4. Thing about resin is it's really just solidified smoke, but with more gunk (stuff that's not THC) since the gunk is heavier. So you generally need a fair amount of resin to get a good buzz.
    I find it gets me decently high in those times when I'm dry or between pick-ups.
  5. It gets me high but it's nasty.
  6. by weight resin gets me way more stoned than weed
  7. yeah but when i usually have a little resin ball and no weed ill take a little two day T break to get me a pretty good high
  8. No, I don't get high from resin, so I never smoke it. Doesn't taste very good either.
  9. I heard that's a clear sign you have aids
  10. It does, but it's pretty gross. Works in a pinch, though.
  11. Yes, yes it does.
  12. Yes, for the first few minutes. Then it just peters out. And then it degrades into a headache for me. Totally not worth it.

    Which is why I haven't smoked it in years.
  13. No, cause I don't smoke that nasty shit.
  14. Only while I'm hittin it, once I put the lighter down i put my head down in Shame lmao
  15. I get a little high, but if i get a huuuge resin ball... Still eww
  16. Lmfao
  17. It taste like shit and its messy It does get you high though i usually smoke it unless im out of smoke
  18. absolutely. I actually don't think it tastes bad. I've never smoked or done drugs that can come in the form of a "rock", so it is interesting to me how it crackles and pops.

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