Does race matter to you?

Discussion in 'General' started by nouseforaname, Sep 18, 2009.

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  1. So ive been searching this forum a while now, cant help but notice theres a lot of black people here. I always think about race n shit, to me it doesnt matter what race you are, I stop and help people on the road, hold the door open nomatter if their black, yellow or brown. So im just wondering from the black guys point of view what are your thoughts on white people? lemme hear your opinion and be honest, oh and state your race

    ps Im a white canadian 19yo male
  2. Theres only one race, buddy, the human race

    - 23 y/o male white but of mixed decent
  3. i like me all color pussy

  4. 19/ white male.

    sometimes i have a prejudice against black people and spanish people.

    but thats just because i have a personal problem with each of them .
  5. No, race doesn't matter, at all. It shouldn't matter. It's extremely sad to see people downtrodden just because of their race. But it also happens because of their sex, or their religion, or their deformaties on a daily basis. People need to look past the differences and see that we're all astoundingly alike.

    24/m Jew
  6. 19 white male
    I was raised in the SOUTH, where people drove tractors to high school, you do the math there on who I am supposed to not like, personally, the way i was raised and the way i am are two different things. I lived in richmond for 5 years and got really good dose of other religons, races, and other customs.
  7. when im smoking, nobody is denied the herb based on race, gender, religion... ect

    no room for stereotypes over here
  8. War, Greed, Collapsing Nations, Poverty, Genocide...

    Who has the time or energy to give a fuck what color someone's skin is?
  9. asl thread?


    I have a lot more non-white friends than white friends.

  10. I love how you guys preach anti-racism but you say xx/m/jew.

    Judaism is not an ethnicity/race it's a religion. My dad is jewish, my mom is protestant, that doesn't mean my skin color/where I come from is Jew.

    I'm white but as someone already said, when you're high, everyone is your best friend.

    Being sober, All annoying/obnoxious/ignorant people should be called names just because they're stupid, not because of their skin color.
  11. You're right, Judaism isn't a race. However, I'm not white. I'm not black. I'm not Hispanic. I am a Palestinian Jew, and instead of typing all that out, I put Jew. It is every bit a part of my identity as my skin color.

    And you're right, you wouldn't be a Jew. Your mother isn't a Jew, therefore neither are you.
  12. I fucking hate eskimos so much. No problem with any other Native Americans.

    Just eskimos. Fucking eskimos. With their fur coats and igloos.

    That's whats wrong with the world today. Fur coats and igloos.

    (Obvious sarcasm is obvious for those too lit to pick up on the joke)
  13. +rep for living in Utah as a palestinian jew though, holy shit.
  14. Haha you'd be surprised, Utah is teeming with Jews. We're everywhere.

    I'm originally from DC though, so it's not as weird as it seems :smoking:
  15. I'm guessing you go to BYU? :p
  16. Only to routinely rattle the orthodox Mormons when there is a political demonstration or something :devious:
  17. Hey now, I know a morman that goes there, he's a very nice lady.
  18. Actually, some people such as myself, are ethnically "Jewish". My family on both sides traces back to the Juhuro.

    (Mountain Jews - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

    Also, ethnic Jews have been proven to share certain DNA characteristics, the same way that most "purebred" Africans and Asians who have lived in a certain area for millennia have. So I would argue that claiming Israelite as a race is just as valid as claiming "African" or "Asian."

    I'm not trying to start a flame war, just trying to spread some knowledge. Obviously my viewpoints on this aren't racist, but some people have different ethnic identities and it's stupid to validate some and ignore others.

  19. im an eskimo....please take this back.:mad:
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