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Does quality affect the harshness of weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MarleyIsaLegend, May 15, 2011.

  1. My first buy was mids. Nothing special but it gets the job done. I've smoked it out of a glass pipe, apple, and homemade bong and it just leaves my lungs feeling bad. I haven't smoked any dank stuff yet but I want to know if the quality of weed has anything to do with the harshness?
  2. definitely!!

    normally just depends on how it was dried/cured

    when someone grows dank nug they normally put the time and effort into curing it correctly too.:smoking:
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    Generally regs/mids are harsher than dank, but I mean it's smoke and its hot it is gonna be harsh on the lungs. Vaporizing I hear is better, but you will get used to it. Also the dryer the weed is usually the harsher it is, get a mason jar and that will be an air tight place to store your bud. Airtight=stays fresh/moister longer.

    Edit: ^how it is cured has a lot to do with it
  4. well i mean i would think dank would be a smoother smoke cause people care for it more but in my experience all weed differs in harshness no matter the quality and you always here people take a toke and caughing their ass off and being like "good shit!" and actually a lot of dank ive smoke will be harsh but its not the kind of harsh that burns its the kind where it just blasts you with smokey flavor and make your eyes water.
  5. It's the quality of the weed and what you're smoking it out of.
  6. Generally, the higher quality the bud, the less harsh it is. The growers care about their crop so they grow it properly, flush it well, and cure it.
  7. To make harsh or "off-flavored" weed smoke smoothly, "Water Cure" it.

    You will need a wide mouthed glass jar, a small jar lid that will fit inside your jar, some small weights- marbles or clean pebbles will do, and water. I like to use distilled, but tap water works fine! :D

    Put your bud in the jar, put the jar lid on top of it, add the weights, add the water and let it sit 24 hours or so.

    The water will turn greenish- that's the chlorophyll and ferts leaving your bud. THC does NOT dissolve in water- it will stay in your bud! Dump the water and replace it with fresh water. Repeat until the water is clear enough for your liking.

    Put the soggy pot on a plate and set a fan blowing on it to speed drying. Your dried pot will look UGLY! It will be almost flavorless, but it will smoke VERY smoothly! :smoke:

    Granny :wave:
  8. harsh weed can be from chems and being too dry. sometimes using hemp wick makes my bud hit smoother. I usually just ice up the bong and go for it
  9. To me the better the weed is the harsher it smokes i can smoke mids all day if i wanted to and be fine but a big hit of dank will rape my lungs upside down sideways.
  10. It usually has to do with the way it was cured, but quite possibly if it was grown with inorganic nutrients and the plant was not flushed properly prior to harvest. If the flowers don't receive any fresh air during the curing process, the harsh chlorophyll isn't able to break down as effectively, causing a harsher smoke.

    The difference between pollinated and sinsemilla has nothing pertaining to the harshness of the smoke, and neither does the subspecies (strain), but in terms of quality in handling, I would believe it to be so.
  11. Perfect answer. Plus rep. You're green again.
  12. You are some smart fuckers. :)
  13. If you buy the dank ganja youre gunna be more focused on the fact that it tastes delicious and you've been one hitted before you even realize you''re throat hurts at which point you're just like fuck my throat, im baked as fuck.

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