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Does putting duct tape over a pill bottle really require a warrant to open it?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Batmanchu, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. I read that in another thread on here like, last week. Is there any truth to this?

    I mean, taping the lid to the bottle, providing the police or anyone can't see through the bottle.
  2. No thats retarted if anything it gives them more of a reason to open it
  3. No, but a stamped and sealed envelope works (or box).
  4. In the event that you have this pill bottle out, and nothing can be seen inside it due to duct tape, then I guess it would require a warrant to have to search it (since seeing something in the open is probable cause). But if you were being searched due to probable cause of some sort, all bets are off and they can open it, since they are searching you.

    I am just assuming this is in the event of a search. Need a bit more information to what situation you are planning on utlizing it for. Although, I wouldn't put any amount of money on it working... Seems like it would be suspicious (not to mention a small tube covered in tape might look like a pipe bomb...).
  5. Once they smell it they have reason assuming also with an envelope

  6. What if they had a drug dog sniff it? Would that be enough for them to be able to open it, or would they still need a warrant?

  7. depends on the state (more so for whether the dog can be used) but most likely they won't need a warrant, because the dog provides probable cause

  8. The second the dog alerts any drugs they are going to fuck your shit up,

    whether its between your asscheeks or in a envelope they are going to try to find it:confused_2:

  9. if its stamped and sealed isn't it a federal offense for anyone besides who it's addressed to to open it? i guess it would be different if dogs smelled it, idk

  10. The smell is not probable cause for a search, if they see a blunt or some bud, then it is obviously. but smell is not probable cause if you get pulled over by the cops in a car.
  11. uhhhhhhhhhh

  12. #12 JustinCredible, Mar 29, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 29, 2012
    1. grab taped pill bottle
    2. puts bottle to face, smells with nose.
    3. smells or say you smelled marijuana in said container
    4. opens pill bottle
    5. handcuffs

    careful with that envelope / box shit. if they DO happen to find out what is inside. they might try to slam some trafficking or some other bs charges on you
  13. uh...yea it is

  14. it is but all it takes to invalidate that is a quick "I don't smell anything officer"
  15. it sounds like the type of thing your lawyer would have to argue his ass off for in court
  16. I just looked it up and it's called the plain smell doctrine which is the same as plain sight so that would be like "I don't see anything officer" if he saw it on your seat

  17. it depends on how strong the smell is. if you say that and he searches anyway then yea, nothin you can do, but as long as you're not smoking in your car (never do that. thats fucking retarded) and have it properly packaged there shouldn't be too much of a smell. most officers aren't gonna search for something they barely smell after you say that because if it turns out you just smoked before getting in the car and don't actually have anything in there the officers fucked for searching after you said you don't smell anything. there's a lot of mind games that go along with the laws, you just gotta know how to talk to a cop.

  18. Doesnt matter what you say to the cop all that matters is what he says if he says he saw you thats you smoking thats enough.....
  19. If this would be true, then I've no faith in the law anymore.... It sounds ridiculous.

  20. that has nothing at all to do with what i was saying...

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