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Does purp cost u guys more?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MIDNITE TOKES, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. i've had a couple dealers say it does. they say that its way more dank. is this true?
  2. Not at all, its just a color... unless you like paying more for weed that you are going to smoke anyways.
    I wouldn't pay extra for it.
  3. No. That's bullshit. It doesn't cost more to grow.

    It's just the color of it. Doesn't get you higher. All the kiddies pee their pants when they hear someone has "Purple Kush" or "GDP".

    Don't pay more for it my friend :)
  4. nope always 20 a g it being like gdp or whatever is just a selling point to move it faster
  5. purple is a result of cold conditions. so i personally wouldn't pay more.
  6. It's the same price here color or strain doesn't make the price go up it's based on outdoor, indoor and exo
  7. I get no purps around me, so if the oppourtunity came about, I would prolly pay a little more.
  8. purple doesn't affect potecy nor should it affect the price.
  9. As said before, color does not determine potency. Don't pay more for purple.
  10. Are you kidding me? I pay $20/g for some really dank but when the opportunity arises I always go 25 a g or 65 an eighth on some purp.. it might just be me, but from my experience purple buds are always really, really potent. It's worth the couple extra bucks in my opinion.
  11. Purple is the most deceiving color. People think that just because it looks pretty purple that its going to be some super dank bud
  12. although it doesnt always mean its crazy weed ive found that when buds have some purple there always really good and never just regular dank.
  13. if anything it should be cheaper cause, cooler climate= lower heating bill. dealers LOVE to make shit up to move there product around faster/more money. i never trust a word that comes out of my dealers mouth unless i know him very well. people will go to great lengths and fuck people over to get money.
  14. The -only- reason purple weed can seem a little more 'dank' at times, is that it generally takes a bit more patience for some plants to go completely purple especially when grown indoors (most growers will chop long before the true colors come out).

    It can be grown poorly like any other plant, in order for the best coloring to take place it needs to be fed decently, and it needs to be allowed to flower a bit longer than most people (who grow strictly for selling) usually like to wait.

    So if it is purple, and it's a nice purple at that, the value of it's production is sometimes slightly higher, and most dealers and buyers in general feel between that, and its unique apperance, that it's worth more on the streets.

    As far as potency goes, it's the same as any other plant, it's environment and strain dependant.
  15. For instance, this was the last plant of 30 to come down in my room, and because of this it achieved the nicest colors (but also ate up the most electricity from my lights).


  16. I just payed 25.00 for a gram of this strain called midnight the other night just because it was the craziest stuff I've ever seen the whole nug was dark purple almost black. Usually I dont pay more then 20, a gram but it was a struggling dealer trying to get her feet off the ground so I pitched in. haha
  17. That made me laugh
  18. why did you help out a struggling dealer? unless you knew the person well. tell them to rob a damn liquor store. its a recession muh fucka! :D

    edit:i think on tv they announced theyres no more recession, in which case people are still broke.
  19. There isn't really a difference whether or not it is purple. Most of the time the purple comes from lowering the temperature during the flowering stage, but there are some strains that have purple genetics. Green isn't better than purple and purple isn't better than green so don't pay more.
  20. just picked up some kush with a little purp in it. :smoke: same price

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