Does pre flowering occured during Vegatative stage?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by alexjones, Aug 19, 2019.

  1. Say that I'm growing an autoflower or photoperiod and it's in vegetative stage and my grow lights that has a veg and bloom light filed to veg, do I flip to floweing/bloom as soon as I see a clayx with pistils on it?

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  2. It shouldn't but I think it could happen due to stress or some other circumstance but as a rule no. You flip when you want to based on size usually
  3. Okay then if I'm growing an auto flower, when do I flip the switch to bloom/flower?

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  4. All I grow is autoflowers...but unfortunately I don't have "the best" answer for I have both of my lights on veg AND bloom from day 1.......
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  5. Wouldn't that technically full spectrum big you have both of them on?

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  6. Ok I get your question now. Yeah when you start to see it beginning to bud like u said in ur OP.
  7. Think aboot this: you may well answered your own question as what other stage is their...?

    good luck

  8. Have your lights on full whack after 2 weeks from germination. No sense in having them dimmed any longer than that. The flower switch just fires up the red diodes, the plants don't need to be flowering to use it
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  9. Pre-flowering ONLY happens during vegging. That's what "pre" means. Once flowering has started it's not Pre-flowering anymore and it's simply flowering.

    Autoflowers don't really pre-flower as such, they start flowering as soon as pre-flowering starts.

    Photoperiod plants start showing pre-flowers around 3 or 4 weeks and carry on for the whole time they're vegging

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