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Does pot smoke leave residue in my home??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by SkateDestroy36, Nov 9, 2011.

  1. a teacher from my little brother's school reported him to dhs for having a bruise on his arm (obviously explainable, but i guess little boys aren't supposed to play as rough these days). i'm worried that they will come and inspect our home and find out that there have been people smoking in my home (me) and i don't want to put my little brother in jeopardy. does pot smoke leave any type of residue on the walls/ceiling fans/ carpet/etc. that the dhs can find? if so, whats a good way of sterilizing my home? also if anyone knows how the dhs checks for stuff like this, the info would be appreciated, thanks.
  2. uhm.. why would the "DHS" search for marijuana if they don't have reason to?

    If there's no obvious clues "smell, resin, bongs laying around, etc" I don't think they will.
  3. Yes it will. not much but over time it can be noticeable
  4. yeah be ready for them to bring out a giant wall resin scraper gets us stoners every time
  5. the dhs will search for anything that can incriminate you.

    where are you getting your knowledge/information?
  6. as long as your 18 all ur smoking stuff cant be taken as 'paraphernalia' but if u have weed make sure its nowhere because they can only search if they have a reason too or a marajuana kit with them
  7. [quote name='"TweezyTheToker"']as long as your 18 all ur smoking stuff cant be taken as 'paraphernalia' but if u have weed make sure its nowhere because they can only search if they have a reason too or a marajuana kit with them[/quote]

    Wth are you talking about? Being 18 doesn't matter if it's covered in res.
  8. Make it a point to get a good clean in, no tools in the open all weed tucked away and stored correctly. Obviously make sure the house doesnt smell like weed, if they find ash they'll just assume its cigarettes.
  9. Will they pull a CSI and swab the walls? No! But it does leave a smell that non-tokers can notice!

    Long ago when friend David was busted, the cops were up in his attic and were convinced that he had hidden a large stash up there! David said that the cop in the attic kept saying "It's gotta be up here- I can smell it!" There was no stash in the attic- just the lingering odor of all the pot we toked at his house!

    I would suggest that just before the interview, that you bake some nice cinnamony oatmeal cookies! The house will "smell like home" (it's an old realtor's trick to make a house more homey-feeling) and you will have some munchies for later! You might want to "fabreeze" the couch the day before, too! And the house should be cleaned, of course.

    Odors play a far larger part in our life than most of you realize.

    And do your dangedest to be nice to the worker! If DHS/CPS decides you are a "bad person" they can make your life hell!

  10. Common knowledge?

    Ever been in someones house who has been smoking in it for years? yeah, the walls arent necessarily 'clean', so to speak. There is definitely a residue left behind whether you smoke a lot or a little. It will take quite some smoking to build up a noticeable amount.
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    I tried to find something on it but I couldn't...what actually builds up on the walls? Seems like you would have to be blowing the smoke directly into the wall for an extended amount of time to create a visible to the human eye build up. I smoked in the same tiny room for nearly 2 years with no build up, and I had weekly inspections. Granted I had to clean the shit out of my room constantly but I never wiped down the walls, think I woulda been caught cause I got hit for specks of dust...
  12. It does leave residue, but not very much. You'd need to well and truly hotbox a room heaps and heaps of times, day in day out to get anything noticeable.
    Burn some incense, air out the rooms and hide your stash well. I'm sure it'll be fine.
  13. I've cleaned inside my car and wiped windows, smelled like resin and cigs
  14. Unless someone has given them reason to suspect drug activity in your house they probably won't think anything of it unless it smells like weed and you have pipes and shit laying around. They aren't going to snoop around looking for all kinds of drug evidence. They just want to make sure it's a safe environment.

    If you're really worried about it get an air purifier and wash your windows. Wash any curtains if you think they may smell like smoke. As long as you keep things clean you'll be fine.
  15. Isn't DHS Homeland Security? Stash your stuff at a friend's house, spray Febreeze, bake something. Even if it does smell like bud (not likely), they won't be able to prove anything.
  16. That teachers a fucking bitch
  17. The teacher is a bitch because she saw a child covered in bruises and called someone about it? Oh yah that totally makes sense. I can only hope more teachers report cases of child abuse. (OP, not saying your brother was abused at all, ha.)
  18. A friend claims after a sesh in a bathroom with a slice or maybe more he had permanent smoke damage to the ceiling. I don't really know / think this is possible but yeah, maybe smoke (stains?) on walls and ceilings will give you away if the smell dont!
  19. A kid has a bruise and you have to have an interiview at your house? My god what is the world coming to?

    Fuck when I was a kid I had cuts, scrapes and bruises all the time from playing outside.
  20. OP said A bruise on his arm, "a" implying only one >.> which is pretty ridiculous to report for. I thought cuts and bruises were pretty standard for elementary boys :p

    but yeah, there shouldn't be any noticeable residue which they probably won't even be looking for.

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