Does pot size effect plant size??

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  1. I just started my first grow, i have four plants and i have them in gatorade bottles that i have cut in half, would it be alright to leave them in the bottles or do i need to transplant???
  2. 3-5 gal pot so they don't become rootbound. search rootbound if you want more info on that but long story short if your plant becomes rootbound it will die.
  3. i had 1 plant outside in a smallllll pot (male), i put it into a big bucket and it grew like 3 inches overnight. its worth transpotting it
  4. well i am wanting to keep it as small as possible so do you have any suggestions on how to do that?
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    Pot size has an ENORMOUS effect on plant size - the bigger the roots the bigger the shoots is just so true.

    When I started growing here my girls were in 5 UK gallon buckets - that is about 6 US gallons. I got about 10 ounces of dried/cured per plant on average.

    I have since moved up to 50 litre tubs, thats about 11 UK or 13.5 US gallons (I can´t really manage to manhandle much larger), and the girls are growing much bigger. Last year I averaged 18 ounces per plant. All other things are the same, soil mix, ferts, etc.


    One of my 50 litre tubs next to a 2.5 UK (3 US) gallon bucket.
  6. I like to flower my plants in the taller 1 gallon plastic pots from the hydro store when I use soil.. I would say flower early around a foot tall or so too keep them short.. And live in a smaller bucket.. I wouldn't go smaller than a gallon.. With larger exhibiting more root growth and in turn more plant growth... Also your plants will stress in those size containers and yield around a quarter of an ounce if lucky

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