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Does pot cause brain damage in adolescents?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rileyscool101, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. Well, me and my little brother (15) smoke weed almost everyday, though he has to do it in secrecy. My mom doesn't have a problem with me smoking, but she will simply not allow him to. My parents are pro-weed, and sometimes even toke themselves.

    Her argument is that he's only 15 and his brain is still developing, and marijuana might mess up his brain and cause him to get bad grades. I was wondering if this holds any value? I've done a little research and I haven't been able to locate any legitimate medical studies. If anyone can help me locate some information, that would be great, I'm tired of having to sneak around when he's smoking with me.
  2. My suggestion:

    Try some Brain OG. Apparently it makes you smarter.
  3. Let me put it for you simply. At 15 if he smokes on a daily basis he might get fat, mess up in school, loose motivation, or get depressed/bored and smoke more. Other then that i don't think it can get much worse.
  4. lol, if he's doing good in school, why not. the most important thing you should teach him is that it shouldn't become a habit.

    some say marijuana in kids can fuck with their development, but i doubt this. its a pretty safe, harmless plant.
  5. Recreational smoking from young ages in my opinion sounds like it could lead to a life of needing pot to not be bored. True story. But I fully endorse and support its use medically for children that may need it for post chemotherapy treatments and other illnesses. I dont support daily pot use for anyone who is immature.

    So long as your brother is a "normal" person and doesn't rely on pot i dont see a problem with it.
  6. Bud doesn't make you stupid, society dulls your mind. The problem is the age, 15 is when your life starts to change. For instance your balls drop and you start to grow peach fuzz in places you never even knew about!

    Im also sorry to tell you that the argument of brain development is false, your brain is developed at that age but your hormones instead overpower the decisions ones brain chooses. One suggestion i can give you guys is, when your stoned and crossing the street

    Look both ways.
  7. Do you know what makes you stupid?

    Making ballsy claims and calling them facts based off "what you heard.":cool:
  8. You know what makes you even more stupid, is not getting your brother stoned then throwing him off the roof showing your mother that he really can fly.
  9. Aight well I talked to my mom about it, telling her that he's mature enough, has good grades (despite the fact he's been smoking for almost a year.), and it doesn't actually interfere with his development. She told me to show her proof that pot is truly harmless to him, so does anyone have any links? Would be appreciated.
  10. Tell her to show you proof that marijuana is harmful to him, in any way. Tell her it's impossible to overdose from marijuana, there are 0 deaths from it, and it is non-toxic. Those are facts.
  11. [quote name='"Ranger Smith"']My suggestion:

    Try some Brain OG. Apparently it makes you smarter.[/quote]

    Maybe try partying with PAUL BANKS motherfucker.

  12. Tell her to show you proof that he is her son.
  13. 15 seems a bit young to be toking to me.
  14. I've heard from numerous studies that smoking marijuana at a young age can be harmful in the long run. 15 is a weird age though because I dunno if you'd have reached that "threshold" where it's 'safe' or not. It would depend on the person I guess. These weren't the biased studies you here the government reference either haha

    There's a chance that it really isn't the best idea for him to be smoking. Maybe he should wait a year or two
  15. It can make them absent minded, clumsy, unmotivated, psychologically addicted and in some cases depressed in my experiences. Just look at most high school weed smokers.
  16. Yeah weed is best left for after highschool honestly. It's so much more convenient and worry free in my opinion, which lets you enjoy it a whole lot more.

    You say he started when he was 14 though and I think 14 is for sure too young personally. Fuck even at 15, you still have some imagination and you can find amusement in some of the stupidest shit. If you still have that, you don't need the herb haha
  17. HE SHOULDA BEEN SMOKING WHEN HE WAS 14 IF YOU ASK ME! Im telling you man, he might not even be your brother, or she might not even be your mother...

    Actually its all coming to me now, she doesn't want him to smoke because she knows that marijuana is the how he will find his real parents. Unless you want your little "fake" brother to find out that mama and papa are actually in another state then i suggest keep him away from the buds.

    So what did we learn from this story you may ask yourself ? Smoking Nugs = The truth.
  18. [quote name='"Greenmagic"']Let me put it for you simply. At 15 if he smokes on a daily basis he might get fat, mess up in school, loose motivation, or get depressed/bored and smoke more. Other then that i don't think it can get much worse.[/quote]

    I started at 15, almost 16. My motivation was/is fine. I didn't like school, but I knew it was important so I tried (like a 3.2 GPA (87-ish)). I could have done better, but I never really cared about school. I tried cause it was important though. Out of school, I played and still play sports. Had jobs (one was seasonal), and I helped around the house. I only smoked weekends, and very very rarely after school (like once every other month, if I had a good opportunity). I wouldn't let him smoke every day, probably not even once a week, but I won't be a hypocrite. Once a week isn't bad, but I would have him wait until 16 to really start smoking.
  19. yeah u should just make sure hes really ur brother, tell ur mom u want a dna test
  20. Take him on that show Maury or Jerry Springer, they're doing holiday specials.

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