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Does Pot burn calories??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by joefoss69, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. I'm somewhere between a seasoned toker and an apprentice, so I wasn't sure where to post my first thread. But while I was high a few days ago I came up with a theory (high-dea) that REALLY made a lot of sense to me at the time (and still kinda does now)...

    When you think of a stereotypical "stoner" you hardly ever think of a FAT dude (or lady) despite the "munchies" symptoms that so often accompany pot use. In fact, when I was thinking of the most well-known "stoners" I thought of Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, Tommy Chong, even Brad Pitt...and ALL of those dudes are RAIL THIN!

    So my theory is that pot use speeds up your metabolism (I know it raises your heart rate) and helps you stay thin. I mean, typically when "stoners" get the munchies, they go for fatty, sugary, carb-heavy foods (I know I do!)...and I just think its odd that there is not a stereotype of the "FAT, LAZY STONER WHO EATS TOO MUCH JUNK FOOD." So how do they burn off all these extra calories?? I mean, there's certainly a stereotype of "the lazy pot smoker", but I just don't see it grouped with being overweight.

    Anyone have any input on this??

    (be gentle, its my first post)
  2. sup man nice to have you here welcome.

    see i also thought about the weed burning calories thing cause we get hungry, but ive been told its just stimulates the appetite receptors or some crap.

    but i dont know what to say abut the skinny stoners, which i too know some in real life.
    they eat like a mo fo and dont gain wait.
    i guess they just have faster metabolisms, and when they munch out they arent as prone to storing it all

    basically i have no clue jajajhaahah:smoke:
  3. I get the munchies, but I dont eat a whole lot. Since Ive started smoking though, Ive lost 15lbs, and I wasnt trying to lose any.
  4. Actually I was told that all of the muchie goodness we get is the maryjane speeding up the metabolism and that if you dont eat when you get the munchies, you will lose weight. I have a few friends who used to be large and started smoking a few years ago and are now really thin. Just my opinion i guess.
  5. I too are somewhere between seasoned and apprentice, and noticed the same damn thing. during cuddle time last night my gf is like, "wait a sec, did you lose like 10 pounds? where is the rest of you?" haha funny time to mention it, but its not your eyes fooling you. Im already a decently sized guy, I just had a mini gut showing from lack of highschool sports. now im flat as a board, thanks mary jane!
  6. I think it actually increases your metabolism
  7. no idea I eat a shitload when im high and dont gain a pound. Im 5'10 125lbs.

    Maybe all the diets are wrong and we should be eating stoner food:p

    I know my dad used to pound down steaks and a gallon of ice cream every night. His cholesterol was fine but he decided to eat healthier. He started eating oatmeal and salads and cut out the icecream and soda and next doctor visit his cholesterol was WAY up.:confused:

  8. Yeah, and I have a friend who became a vegetarian a few years ago and is now in prison for manslaughter.

    Correlation does not imply causation. ;)
  9. I believe it does speed up your metabolism and the reason you crave junky sugary foods is cause the THC brings your blood sugar level down causing you to crave sugar and junk food and I think the whole sped up metabolism is also a contributor to the munchies
  10. I would think not, I'm a pretty big guy. :D 245 lbs over here. :eek:

    No clue though. I've seen skinny, chubby, and horribly overweight stoners. Maybe you just hang out with skinny ass people? XD
  11. ya man when people lose weight from smoking its because of the marijuana over dose. i lost my brother to marijuana he smoked one puff and died. :(

    maybe these people have found a loop hole to fight the over dose, we must find a cure!
  12. ^lol

    I've heard it speeds up your metabolism, idk if that's true though. I started smoking more than I used to recently, and I have lost a bit of weight (didn't really need to but I'm not complaining..), but it is completely true that correlation =/= causation. >w<
  13. LMAO @ the title of this thread.... I thought I had seen it all...
    Sure, sitting on your ass with a joint is the same as taking a jog...
    A hike, swimming or running a marathon.
    If you're fat you will be skinny if you sit on your ass and smoke more.
    Make sure mom's fridge has a new stock of Hot Pockets...
    I'm laughing so hard right now.
  14. I dunno, I've kinda been thinking that it speeds up my metabolism.. like, I feel like I've been eating like a pig lately and yet I've dropped 5lbs >.>
  15. Marijuana lowers the amount of time it takes to fully digest/increases metabolism
  16. The effect of marijuana on metabolism has not yet been scientifically determined, but its effects on appetite and weight gain HAVE been proven. Those who smoke pot will experience "the munchies," although it is unclear whether this is due to a temporarily increased metabolism or whether it is caused by other chemical responses in the brain. Over time this increased caloric consumption will lead to weight gain, which is why HIV/AIDS patients who need to gain weight may be treated with marijuana to help improve their appetite.

    Make's me sad :(
  17. Another realization just occurred BARE WITH ME

    We know that eating while high kills our high, therefore some seasoned tokers have learned to ignore the munchies to enjoy the high.

    Now my theory is: we learn to ignore the hunger from the munchies effect therefore condition the mind to at times ignore hunger signals.

    When the actual hunger effect kicks in( when sober), we naturally learn to ignore it as well since its the same or similar signal as munchies. The brain thinks " oh the munchies feeling dont eat its just munchies" without realizing "oh right, im hungry, BUT not high so im ACTUALLY hungry".So you start losing weight, because you started eating less without noticing while in your sober state which for some of is is more often than not.
  18. smoking marijuana has made me lose alot of weight, i never tried to lose and never changed any eating habits
  19. weed does not burn calories. you are who you are, diet-wise. if you eat healthy foods, weed will make you eat more of them more than likely but you wont really gain much weight. if you are eating shitty foods, weed will make you eat more of them more than likely and you will start to pack on the pounds if you dont counter it with increased exercise. 3500 extra calories = 1 pound gained.
  20. Thanks for all the replies guys!

    And Mr. Visa, the reason I posted this "theory" is because of the illogical nature of the idea. It doesn't make any sense that sitting around getting high and snacking on junk food WON'T make you fat. (Please note: I didn't necessarily say that it was a good way to lose weight or compare it in ANY way with jogging, etc. I'm just surprised that with the "munchies" being a very real side-effect, why don't we have a bunch of FAT stoners walking around? Like having a BEER GUT is associated with drinking, why isn't there a STONER GUT stereotype or something similar?? I'm just saying that we must be burning off the junk food we consume because of the elevated heart-rate, or some other increased metabolism effect.)

    It just seems interesting to me that a lot of you that replied have experienced similar effects (weight loss or at least NO weight gain regardless of munchies) despite the backwards logic of it all.


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