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does pot affect your emotions?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by schlongface, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. i've been smoking regularly for about a year now and i've never really had any issues but recently i've noticed my moods have been all over the place. not so much when i'm high but the day after. i usually feel a little dazed or burnt out the next day but that's always been a good feeling. it hasn't been like that lately

    i got more stoned than i have ever been last night (and it was awesome) but today was a major downer. i don't think it's making me depressed, cause i'm not always down (this is prob the first time it's happened) but i feel like it heightens any emotion i might be feeling to the extreme.

    i seem to get aggravated easily, find it hard to concentrate and i've even developed a little road rage (i've never been an angry person on the roads).

    i've already made the decision to take a break after i finish this stash but i just wanna know if pot affects how you feel the day after.
  2. happens to just about everybody lol
  3. i feel you man. I am the same way and it sucks. so now im always high:yay:
  4. word to that yo..but then your tolerance goes to shit
  5. I'm the same way man. I'm more irritable and sometimes I'll be in a bad mood or get depressed when I don't smoke. I can usually overcome it though just keep yourself occupied and your mind off weed.
  6. is the sky blue?
  7. just focus your mind on other things and how great everything really is
  8. I've been getting high at least 4 days a week lately and i think i've actually developed an anti-tolerance or some shit. Maybe i'm learning how to process the smoke better because its the same shit ive been buying.. maybe im just lucky.
  9. This is indeed part of the chemical process of weed. I try to stay at a constant smoking level a few times a day, and really just cope when I can't be high. It's rough though.
  10. The cure to a weed burnout is hard work.

    Trust me, it keeps you occupied and by time your done its passed.

    Actually hard work is pretty much the cure to any bad feelings...
  11. weed only seems to affect my non-aggressive emotions.
    if im chill, ill get more chill, if im down, ill get more down, if im feeling agressive in any way tho, it knocks the agression right out of me. i only get aggrivated now when im sober as a judge.
  12. idk it sucks to not have weed im a little more on edge but i mean i go legit for a month non stop and then cant smoke for a week all the time and i just do shit and deal kinda keep your mind off it

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