Does playstation 3 use WiFi?

Discussion in 'General' started by agent0064life, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. So after all this time of the PS3 being out, I am finally considering spending 400+ on the system and a couple games. I was curious though, will the PS3 be able to access my WiFi without any sort of bridge like the PS2 needed. I don't really wanna run cords through my house.. .
  2. cop a 360 son
  3. 360 , better get a warranty tho they break like once a month
  4. It has a wifi setup in it.

    b/g Wi-Fi
  5. yea, its got wifi built it, shit box 360 u gotta pay for an extra wireless adapter
  6. 360 dont break once a month

    man what is up with sony fans....

    i had my 360 since 1st day
    and yet it never failed on me

    i'm planin get ps3, cant wait but no money :(
    i think ps3 has wifi, idk

    the most wanted games for ps3 is killzone 2 :cool:
  7. wana talk about breaking how about the red ring of doom?? that was like the biggest epidemic since y2k.. ive had my ps3 since it came out and it works fine.. my brother on the other hand has been through about 3 xbox 360's... yes wifi is the shit
  8. My 60gb ps3 uses WiFi.
    ps3 ftw
    i have a 360 as well strictly for gears and fable

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