Does physic means a lot for girls..?

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  1. Im a little overweight but far from obese and I have some acne on my face and it just seem to take all my chances away with girls..........I dont understand cuz for me physic does not count at all ! even not so great looking girls dont look at me....i feel like I am a ghost or something nobody seem interested in me. i just want to know if I have any chance to have a girlfriend one day. :(
  2. Still in HS man?
  3. Drop the weight if you're insecure about it. Acne will go away, I've been blessed with fairly clear skin but I still had some breakouts in HS, it happens to everyone.

    Really what you need to deal with is the horrible insecurity you obviously have, because that is so much more unattractive to women than a few pounds of chub or a pimple.
  4. Start working out. Acne goes away with time. But if you feel like no one notices you, start making yourself noticed, you cant expect other people to always notice you.
  5. Get some of that orange nutragena soap from walmart. I had acne in highschool and this soap cured it. Change your diet, go for walks. The way you take care of yourself is a good idea of how you take care of others. People care about stuff like that. Good luck op.
  6. You have a chance.
    Stop asking Grasscity though for a confidence boost.
    There's a lot of trolls who lurk here.
  7. Thx everybody i started running on my old treadmill at home ! i feel so stupid i should've done that years ago...! and I went to the drug store and got some stuff for acne . Im eating a lot more veggies and fruit so yeah its pretty cool im so motivated to change my life train it feels fucking awsome ! :p

  8. Good for you tyler! Take care of your body. Its the best tool youll ever own. Remember, when your body feels good, your mind feels good and your confidence goes up. Im proud of you brother! Peace.
  9. get some light working out in man the acne vanihs trust me i get it back on my mid body like ass cheeks and including my face when im a lazy fuck but i get to moving go on walks with my dog or just riding my bike shit clears uot quick females always look at physcal appearance first its human nature ...... visuals lol

  10. Those are words of wizdom bro ! im pretty proud of myself too :p and the most funny part of that is that I LOVE working out ! what is the best ; treadmill or go outside ?

    Thx for the encouragement bro
  11. switch between them tyler but i perfer running out doors feels like i run longer
    i also suggest a gold gyms work out bar forreal like 20$ at wal mart works awesome!
  12. When youre comfortqble enough to go outside, do it. Thats what ive always preferred. If youre a little heavy, you might want to bike instead or swim as its less damaging to your knees. Once those joints go out theyre gone for good.

  13. I prefer to jog to be honest ! i went outside today (was sunny as fuck) and I was just telling to myself *why the hell didnt I start doing that a long time ago*
    I feels so good when you come back home , take a shower and get baked.
  14. ‎"No citizen has a right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training...what a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable." - Socrates
  15. before you exercise next time, watch this video. also look up the story of zyzz, very inspiring

    [ame=]The Legend of Zyzz (R.I.P) - YouTube[/ame]
  16. Also to help keep your skin clear, wash your bedding/pillocases on a regular basis.
    I don't break out often and I find that when I do it's because there's a build up of oils from my face on my pillowcases.
    My boyfriend who has more sensitive skin notices that by at least changing pillowcases helps a fair bit.
  17. Having a general knowledge of physics is definitely a plus, but it isn't a deal breaker if they're not well versed in it. As long as they're smart in other areas, like grammar, or philosophy, or some sort of history, I'm down with it.

    :poke: that wasn't the question, was it.
  18. dude... chicks are BIG into physics. i would say if you have a general understanding of rates, derivatives and basic calculus you'll be fuckin' set. bitches love calculus.


    or.. honestly if you don't want to verse yourself in the physical properties of the universe i would at least be a cunning linguist.
  19. I have acne. Not bad acne.. just a few zits every now and I have small bumps on my forehead that have been there forever! Neutrogena works good, but it really dries out my skin, plus I have really sensitive skin so it started breaking me out. I use Aveeno, the "Clear Complexion Cream Cleanser" and the "Skin Brightening Dail Scrub" . I love them, they work amazingly. Oh and if you buy face wash you should buy a facial moisturizer. I use an Olay one that cost like 6 bucks. And maybe start washing your face and moisturizing it twice a day. I did and my face got A LOT clearer.

    As for the weight thing... looks like you've got it down with the jogging. And maybe a slight diet? Like no junk food, no fast food, no sugary drinks, and bake foods instead of frying it. I got fat af when I got on that birth control shot. I got off it and started running, doing that half ass diet, and i got this awsome ab workout app on my phone and did it twice a day. It worked great and I lost all the weight. Good luck man!:D
  20. If you have problems with your weight, your acne and insecurity, the good news is you can work to alleviate yourself of these issues.

    All of that is fixable, or at least treatable. You can work out, you can get something to treat your acne, and you can take on the tough, but most important task of improving how you feel about yourself. There are guys out there with all kinds of weight problems or acne issues or whatever who receive plenty of female attention because of how they carry themselves.

    So above all, I hate to sound all corny, straight out of a Disney movie, but yes, confidence is what counts. You must love yourself first, before you can try to love others.... or at least try to like yourself. There are guys out there who look great but have zero confidence, and of course there are guys who don't exactly look like male models but who are attractive because of the way they carry themselves.

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