Does Ozium work on clothes?

Discussion in 'General' started by relakit2, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. If I sprayed Ozium on my clothes, would it get rid of the smell?
  2. wtf is ozium
  3. dood ozium is crazy shit...allmost died when my friend didnt realise how strong it was and sprayed a shit load...and to ur question it acts like any other air deodorizer.
  4. A friend left some at my house the other day.... Stuff is amazing.
    I'm sure it would be fine on your clothes.
  5. Yes it will, but don't spray too much, you don't want to be obvious.
    I recommend the country fresh, its a less distinct smell.
  6. ozium does work reallllllly good, my homies car smelled like pure dank, sprayed a tiny bit, closed the door, opened it like 10 seconds later, smelled like a new car.
  7. Ozium ftw. They even have a vanilla scent (yellow label)

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