Does one joint mess you up?????

Discussion in 'General' started by teg21, Jun 14, 2002.

  1. I am getting one joint tommorw in summerschool and was just wondering if that would get me messed up? I weigh 140.
  2. it actaully depends on a few things, like...have you smoked recently(tolerence), what kind of bud is it, what size joint is it. things like that. but if you haven't smoked in a while and it's decent bud you should feel it. enjoy and peace.
  3. i think this is his first time smoking

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  4. im assuming youve never smoked before, so ill tell you this:
    many people dont get very (or at all) high their first time.. but trust me, its worth it once you finally 'break through'!

    also, it sounds like theres a (probably small) chance you may end up receiving nicely rolled oregano or tea intead of your herb.. :( get it in a sack rather than a joint if you can, especially if you arent friends with the guy who selling to you.. it should probably be light green and have some orange hairs, but there can be exceptions

    anyway, just smoke this joint tomorrow and see what happens! youll probably get nice and baked (a whole joint is plenty for just 1 person), and you can always buy some again if you dont get high this time :D
  5. no this isnt my first time, i used to smoke all the time but just stopped for school and now i am starting back up. I already went to summerschool and got the joint. I think i will save it for a little later tonight.
  6. have fun with your joint
  7. I smoke every day and I still get stoned off of one joint. I mean to reach a better high I have to smoke more, but after one I am usually content.

  8. uhh... then dont you know the answer from experience? :D
  9. one J dont do shit for me.

    I wish i was a newbie smoker
  10. The effects matter for when and where and what you've done in a day. First thing in the morning is a nice high, last thing at night is a sleeper. just make sure you're somewhere safe in case ( if you're lucky) it's a sneaky joint and it kicks you in the ass!

  11. i know me too it takes at least a blunt these days for me to feel something off of it

  12. Sorry but I am going to have to disagree with you there my friend, the first time you smoke pot you will be higher than you will ever get from smoking pot now that is a well know fact.

  13. Anyone who says after one joint they aint stoned they are either lieing or they are smoking some real cheep weed.

  14. First time i smoked i got incredibly high and had a panic attack. What great times!!

  15. not if you're not a fifteen year old and have been smoking for years and years little child
  16. ha ha ha i only been smoking a year and one J (normal size) doesnt do anything for me..relaxes me..sure as hell dont get me high.

  17. Actually a fairly large percentage of people dont feel anything their first time...granted, some people get their "highest" their first time, but it all has to do with sensitivity/tolerence, how much is smoked, how good it is...and even after all those factors, some people still cant get took me about five times before i got high.... it wasnt shwag or butt smuggled meximix or anything, it was actually some pretty kind bud. It just has to do with the individual who smokes and their body needing time to become adjusted to this new stuff....I read about a recent study which discovered receptors in peoples brains that appearently only seem to be present to be triggered by thc..other than that they dont seem to serve any other natural you could imagine that a new smoker might need time for its receptors and body in general to become used to marijuana.

  18. Who the hell do you think you are talking to like that ? First of all i'm far from 15 okay, if you smoke a pure skunk joint you will be stoned i don't care what you guys say i have smoked for many years and i still only need one J and i'm high.


  19. First off, only children resort to name calling over something so trivial!

    Secondly, everyones tolerence is different, and so are the effects of Herb on them.

    I've been token well over 30yrs now, and there are definately strains of Herb that will Blaze me up big-time on just one joint. Does that make me a child also?? Lmao at such a lame, and un-informed statement!!!!
  20. Ypu can't say that one joint will mess everyone up, i got my J the other day and it wasn't enough to get really messed up. It varies on the quality of the weed, experience and tolerance.

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