Does one beer a day?

Discussion in 'General' started by Pot Geek, Dec 20, 2003.

  1. Does one beer a day make you an alcoholic? More general, does one drink a day make you an alcoholic?

  2. It depends on why your drinking one beer a day...
  3. Only when you can't live with out that one drink/beer a day!

    An alcoholic is----a person who drinks alcohol to excess habitually [syn: dipsomaniac, boozer, lush, soaker, souse
  4. actually, one drink a day can actually be beneficial to your health....especially red wine, helps enrich the blood with iorn and what not... good for the blood and the heart....

    so alcohol in very slight moderation is actually a good thing, to answer your question.
  5. Well if you have it absolutely every day, maybe. I probably drink more than one beer a day on average, but that's me drinking a bunch of beer two or three times a week!
  6. Eh, mon, if a beer a day would make you an alcoholic, there would be livin about 70 million alcoholics in Germany. The other 15 milions are under age.

    No, seriously...medical inquiries show that if you drink more than 1 liter a day, you're on the edge. Still...if you CAN'T (really can't, not just don't want to) go a day without- you're already there. But relax- I'm with you. I like my beer and drink one every day.

    By the way- beerbellys are a myth

  7. whaaaaaaaaaaat? lol so my dad is really pregnant? I mean I tease the drunk all the time :p but really why a myth?

  8. They're has a lot of carbs, and too much carbs or fat will give you a gut...I don't see how this is a myth.

  9. lol yeah freshman fifteen! any college kiddies in here?!?! I put that to the test in COLLEGE :D
  10. Having one drink a day does not make you an alcoholic.

    The symptoms of Alcoholism are:

    - impaired control over drinking
    - preoccupation with drinking
    - use despite adverse consequnces
    - denial about use

    With that said, 1 drink a day COULD, but more than most likely WOULDN'T, make you an alcoholic.

    So I guess if you couldn't fight the urge to have that 1 drink a day, and you spend way too much time thinking about that 1 drink you are going to have, and you don't care about any consequnces drinking that one drink will have, and you deny your drinking; then you might be a one-a-day alcoholic.

    Still hard to see how you could become an alcoholic if you are not even getting drunk ever, or even buzzed.
  11. Alcoholism involves binge drinking 3 or more times a week. Bing drinking is defined as having 5 or more alcoholic drinks in one sitting. When I'm at school, I'm so an alcoholic. I don't see anything wrong with sitting down and having 5 or 6 especially when I'm not drunk at the end of it. Hell, I even had a 3.4 GPA this last semester and I did the most drinking I've done so far at school.

    Mebbe alcohol actually does make me smarter...and sexier, too.
  12. You all seem to have pretty strict definitions of something that can encompass a lot of symptoms. Alcoholics sometimes don't even drink alcohol. Problem gambling, addiction to porn, or any act of habitual compulsion can be symptoms of alcoholism.
    Just because you aren't binge drinking all the time doesn't mean that you don't have some sort of chemical dependency for alcohol. True, one beer a day won't ruin your life of course, but if you need to have that slight buzz to feel normal for the day then there could be something going on.

  13. Actually, I've been drinkin' a beer a day (at least) for the last 6-7 years and I don't seem to have a belly. Besides- medical studies show that is's the junkfood and the lack of physical activities that often go hand in hand with drinkin' that makes you fat. Tried to find the article but I dunno where I put it.
    So don't blame it on the beer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. No, one beer a day will not make you an alcoholic.

    If you are drinking to get drunk everyday, to escape from reality then there might be a problem.
  15. you may think it's wrong, and I think it's too strict, but it's the definition put forth by a couple different programs, so I kinda go with it, even if it does make me an alcoholic during school. I laugh about it because I know I'm not an alcoholic. I haven't had anything to drink since the night before my last 2 exams, which were the hard ones. I don't know what I made on the tests, but I got a B in one class and a B+ in the other.

  16. hahaha... somebody's never seen me in the summer....

    by like september... i got a nice one goin, though... thats what a 12 pack a night will do...:D

    looks at ass..... :rolleyes:..... shhhhhhhhhh!!
  17. freshman 15? I lost 5 pounds my freshman year, 15 the summer after, and am holding steady at a fucking skinny 140 pounds right now.

  18. no way. alcohol of any kind makes u fat but only because it slows down signal between ur rain and body so u feel hungry because ur stomach cant tell ur brain ur full and therefore u get fat, so if u drank and didnt eat u'd be thin, ish
  19. Ok, discussing this over and over again will get us nowhere. We need proof! So I suggest a little experiment:

    Me, gravy, Wang, BH and crystals are gonna drink at least 4 beers each day.

    Sensi, told, Shogun, Czar and Krapp are gonna drink at least 1 bottle of wine each day.

    If Hatebreeder wants to join in, he can drink 1/2 of Whiskey each day.

    After 3 months we stop drinkin' and compare how much weight each gained and if you gain more from beer than from wine I shall lay myself flat on the ground and apologize. And take whatever punishment you want to give me.
    After 4 months we'll see who managed to stop drinkin' and who's become an
  20. Actually one beer a day TECHICALLY DOES classify you as an alcoholic. If you drink on a schedule, like one everyday, or even once ever saturday, or whatever, it techically classifies you as an alcoholic.. But who the hell cares about technicalities?

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