Does nobody watch Community?

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  1. Seriously, its a really good show. If you want to just get a good sampling of it try watching the first episode first, but its def not a show you really need to see every episode of. I def havent yet, but I'd totally suggest the first, the halloween episode (with an awesomee batman in it) and the episode with Jack Black. It's a show thats just fun.

    Anybody else watch it?
  2. I've seen it man.
    So funny...
    What's up with the random pop culture references?
    Hahah so weird, but hilarious.
  3. It's one of the few shows that I try to catch every episode of. Also one of the more clever shows on television right now. I recommend everyone give it a try.

    The batman in the Halloween episode was awesome, I agree.
  4. I've missed it twice, but both times they were re runs how fucking awesome is that! one of my favorite shows on NBC, I wish Allison Brie would show some fucking cleavage!! Great cast tho, I watch The Soup as often as I can and Joell is fuckin hilarious, and Chevy Chase as Pierce is fuckin gold! Nice ensemble there, they compliment each other well
  5. I'm all caught up with it now and I must say that this show is hilarious. Joel McHale is funny as hell, so is the whole cast really.
  6. Could not agree more. Great show , witty and quirky.
  7. disliked the most recent episode, but other then that, ive liked em all.
  8. community is great. that whole two hour block of office, parks and recreation, community, and 30 rock. i catch that every thursday they're my favorite shows. i also watch scrubs and better off ted. and burn notice. and pysch. well thats all the tv i watch anyway
  9. Community is hilarious, I love it. The Halloween episode was priceless, when Abed was Batman and was talking about what he would do to protect the city. "I will be fighting, running, jumping, talking, sleeping..." So funny. I also love the one with Anthony Michael Hall, it was the Christmas episode. He's like, "If this guy doesn't show up, we're going to Applebees, because no matter what I'm getting in a fight." So funny.
  10. My prayers were answered!!!! :hello: Looked fiiiine tonight, if Britta wasnt wearing lipstick she woulda looked perfect, that shit was too dark

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