Does Namron????

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Have sex with?

  1. The ex

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  2. Women but likes men

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  3. Any thing that moves except women

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  4. Chickens

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  5. Naw he is straight as an arrow

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  6. goats:smoking:

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  1. We don\'t save them. We have to go to the smilies site every time we use these smilies!

    Now back to the topic at hand!

  2. Haha, butthead has a smiley fetish ;)
  3. There are some things in life that puts a big smile on my face! I just like smiling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1LMAO
  4. ......ive got a strong urge to fly
    but i got nowhere to fly to..........
  5. I voted for goats, but to be honest I really just like them... how do I love goats? let me count the ways..., I won\'t do that, I\'m pretty sure there\'s some kind of law against in in this state

    ps What was that song that Goofy used to sing in those old disney cartoons? \"Flyyyy hiiiigh, up in thuh skyyy, dum dum de dum dum de doo I like piiiiie\" or something like that...
  6. i thought it was more along the lines of


  7. Is this smiley whackin it?!?!?

    hehe that\'s my kind of smiley ;)

  8. Thats what it looks like to me!!!!!!!

  9. And you would know better than anyone I guess ;)

  10. As well as most i guess. Sometimes that the QUIET way of having sex!!!!

    It\'s not hard to please either, like some woman!!! You know with all that \"harder, to the left, faster, and etc.\"
  11. Being able to have quiet sex is a skill that has to be fine tuned and practiced many many times. I have it down, but you boys can never be quiet, atleast not any of the guys i\'ve slept with ;)
  12. I guess it would be a quiet time if you are sleeping!!!! I don\'t usually sleep with anyone anymore. I have delightfull sex with them!!!!!!!!

    Sex is better while awake!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Okay, atleast not with any of the guys I\'ve fucked.

    Is that better Butt head? ;)

    If I think I\'m gonna yell or something I usually just bury my face in the guys chest.
  14. And the sleeping and cuddling after words is one of my favorite parts, if you don\'t sleep with people, your missin\' out ;)

  15. I haven\'t been with anyone that I want to wake up to yet. Don\'t get me wrong they are some nice ladies i\'m just not ready to start waking up next to them yet.
  16. Butt, your not getting any younger, what are you waiting for? ;)
  17. Oh yeah, and your missing out on the morning sex when your all rejuvinated and ready to go ;)
  18. you mean the guys your with go to sleep?!
  19. I am waiting for the right person this time. I had a marriage that lasted 17 years. The last 5 were miserable as hell. I put up with more shit than than a public toilet in a busy resturant. I don\'t want to get involved in the BS that i was in. I know the type of woman that would make me happy. I am just looking to find a woman that I would be the most compatable to.

    I\'m not going to let sex or anything talk me into something I\'m not sure will be what I want! Most of the women I date these days are over the hill like me and want to get serious quick! I am not going to make any quick decissions on relationships!

    Hey Norm. After a couple hours with 420 girlie, they may have to sleep just so they can walk again!!!!!!!! LOL
  20. for real Norm guys need atleast a good 8 hours after a couple hours of fuckin\' like rabbits ;)

    Even I need to sleep sometimes ;)
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