Does my weed look like its LOUD ?

Discussion in 'General' started by leo_1400, Oct 13, 2014.

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  2. Depends, tell it you slept with it's sister. You'll find out how loud it gets
  3. No actually, it looks very quiet.
  4. I know what chu did there charlatanaB) hahaha
  5. Just look at all those sound waves. 
  6. I've never heard of cannabis making any noise. I don't know what loud weed looks like but you should probably be able to hear if it is.
    In case you're unsure, try recording it with a microphone. 
  7. thankfully loud never caught on.
  8. Looks like maybe 4 dB.
  9. you're deaf man that's only 3.5 dB.
  10. I can't even hear it bro,.
  11. I am suing OP for hearling loss damage because his bud is louder than a jet engine.
  12. Well to actually answer your question unlike everybody else yes that is standard loud (anything that is light green looking like that will usually be good quality) congratulations bro u got yourself a source for the good stuff it looks a lot like the loud buds that i have right now actually. I take it your very new to weed. Lol i guess most grasscity people are too old and dusty to be up on todays bud terms.
    of course he is. He called it loud.
  14. The only time I heard my weed was at harvest

  15. What in tarnation? You young whippersnappers are a bunch a scalawags with your rappers and saggy pants and loud weed. The devil done get our youth! It's from playin all them New Kids On the Block recerds backerds!
  16. Give me some with a free pair of Beatz headphones (the most expensive pair you can find) and i'll let you know how loud it is, deal ?
  17. Dank, perhaps. :confused_2:
  18. Funny man i lol'd but im 19 i dont personally call it loud i was just helping the kid out and actually loud has been used since the early 90's to describe dank weed first used by biggie i believe (someone correct me if im wrong)but it just recently caught on with the youngins back a few years ago.

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