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Does my sig work?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Digit, Oct 3, 2003.


the dessired effect?

  1. yup. gets me every time it catches my eye.

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  2. nope. never thought about it, or never noticed it.

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  1. i just want to know....

    does the line "Time flys when your not in pain or prison." make you think about what its like for those who are? for those who have fought and sacraficed themselves fighting for your freedom?
  2. I've read it too many times. But it did make me think about it, just not lately.

  3. Yeah, but I hate that song :p
  4. it was a song?

    i never knew.

    yeah, i'm sure i included yours in that best sig poll i made a while back. its quite cool ineedeh.

  5. No prob, Critter. :)
  6. how could you not know jesus jones? did you make that sig up yourself? It's kinda funny if you did because it's not something you hear everyday, but it is so a song lyric.
  7. to answer you question digit: I am aquainted to you r sign now, and since it does not have an UPDATED flashy word/pic when you modify it, I don't noticce when it does.
    EXCEPT when the size realy changes.


    as for myself, i alwasy look ath the avatar then the little quote behind, and then location/sig...

    and I quite do not like people change their avatar, But i see it as people still looking for themselves (I know this is a wrong assumption).


    (no digit I don't dig you new av, I liked the pic one and the two eyes.)

    but hey, doesn't stop you from livin' right ?
  8. i just thought of one. i think its been said before. anyone ever heard of it?
  9. yes... i've heard of penises before. ... what's your point?

    ...... oh! your sig!? woops. :D
    yeah gri77on.... i think it's time i changed back to my original self in my av. for the longest time i was always the little letter box green eyes and glasses fella... i've lost my way.

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