Does my seedling look sick?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Joedahoe, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. I started it 8 days ago and compared to the other seedling started 2 days after it is tiny,

    I know some grow faster and different than others but the leaves look off to me.

    Any help appreciated.

    This is the small seedling.


    Heres the other

  2. Lol they both look tiny.

    Don't worry, they look perfectly fine. Easy on the nutes, or wait til' they are a little bigger. As to them looking differently, you can have the same strain but two different pheno's. What type of lighting are you using? How are your temperatures/ humidity? Air flow? These are all factors the influence the growth of your girl.

  3. The only thing im using is some blood meal occasionally.

    Right now i have a bunch of Cfls that equal 16,980 lumens.

    Theyre in a box about 1.5x1.5

    Temps fluctuate between 77-81(thats alright right?)

    Humidity 50%. 52%high/42%low

    I have a fan that keeps it at the temps i said above.

  4. Sounds good! You'll have fun then new 3 months! :smoking:
  5. Lol what? Ill have fun in 3months

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