Does my recent pickup look good? (FIRST picture)

Discussion in 'Bud Shots' started by broompeople, Jul 26, 2017.

  1. View attachment 2330522 View attachment 2330520 So the last time I bought here on the East Coast I got really lucky and scored Skywalker OG. I went and picked up again and the guy told me that he didn't know the name of this strain, but it's an indica. What do you guys think of the FIRST pickup picture? Obviously the second looks better, because it was. But does the first picture still look like dank? I'm kinda bummed I didn't get something like the second picture this time around.
  2. Looks like fine smoke. I'd buy...

    I'll admit the second pic does look better but that doesn't necessarily mean a thing.

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  3. Ah okay glad to hear. I'm in New York so it's expensive. The guy charged me $110 for the bud in the first picture. He said the extra $10 was because he had to drive to go get it. I usually pay $100 for a quarter from him. Is that normal around here? I'm fairly new to smoking.
  4. I don't live around there but it does sound kind of high... idk New York doesn't seem that far away from a few legal states closer than I am that's for sure... I find plenty of medical bud from up north for 10 bucks a gram max it just depends on who you know it's definitely worth trying to make new connects once you find you those quarters for 70 you'll never wanna pay that much again haha.

    Though New York could just genuinely be higher priced but I still think if you find the right person you'll get it for 60-80 a quarter or 250-300 an O

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  5. Both look good I'd hit a joint of either lol I'm about to go smoke a joint of some stinking cheese:smoking:
  6. Mmmm

  7. Is the mmm for the picture I'm confused bruh lol
  8. Yeah haha
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  9. Haha makes sense now stuff stinks bro my bedroom smells of it :smoking:
  10. You're lucky you can smoke in your room. I live in an apartment which makes me too paranoid
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  11. I dont smoke in my room house bruh I go on my drive and smoke up, my room stinks from rolling up a joint lol
  12. holy hell. those prices are outrageous. Michigan, you get quarters of top shelf for 50. oz for 150.

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