Does my plant seem alright ?

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  1. Hey,My sprout seems to be really dark green and looks some what brown on new growth , is it alright , thanks

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    it looks a little funky
    What kinda of soil?
    Is the window sill your only source of light?
  3. The stem seems to be a bit stretched. You do have some loving issues. Most like because it's on your window sill. If you can, try putting it outside for as much light if at all possible. Or get some lights.

    What kind of soil are you using?

    What are your intents with this lady once she starts growing?

    Are you giving any nutes yet?

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  4. [​IMG]
    avoid window sill and windows ..temps swing too much can cause serious stress,
    your babe should be heading home to a 3usg fast, add 25% perlite will aid draining and prevent nute burn

    good luck
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  5. Thanks for replying , I'm not growing out of the window sill I just sat the plant there to get a decent picture.

    I'm use FFOF and no nutes yet she's about 8 days old.

    I'm useing two 40 watt cfl's, 1 small 7 watt LED , and 2 more 23 watt cfl's...weird lighting ik :D
  6. Rags on the floor to help increase humidity
    And I'm growing blue dream on the left and the white train on the right.

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  7. Just an fyi, please don't give it any nuts for the first five weeks or so.
  8. What? once my seedlings get about 4 sturdy consecutive nodes or have just overall steady growth I feed half strength big bloom since my soil is usually nuteless at that point. But all dependent of course a month plus is a lot of time to not feed.

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  9. Thanks man, i haven't been giving her nutes yet. :smiley-rolling-joint:

    and i may have found the problem, my two 40 watt bulbs were a bit to close for comfort (very hot) so i moved them up a bit higher and it seemed like she was getting a bit water logged , i dont think her container has the best drainage so im gonna cut down on watering for a couple days and see if she perks back up :biggrin:.

    thank you everyone who replied , if you have any tips for me i would love to here them
    love you all and happy growing :thankyou::weed-4:
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  10. she looks good to me....
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  11. even the one on the right side ?
  12. I was commenting on the pic of the single seedling. The pic of the 2 seedlings( I just saw this) shows one to be normal and the other is stretched. I do not think the stretched one is looking ideal but I do feel it can be corrected easily. .....just a cut that cup off carefully so not to disrupt the soil around the seedling and add find a deeper container so you can place more soil to bury the stem to a normal ratio of exposed plant. The new seedlings stems will sprout roots when buried. Just make sure it gets more light and you should be fine. Or plant another seed and start over.
  13. Yeah the one on the left collapsed under its own weight and but has started healing its self it seems like, the one on the right is the one I'm worried about because her newest growth is brown atm and her leafs are a dark green.


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  14. better pic thank you.

    I would replant both of them as mentioned earlier and make sure they get good light and not a lot of heat. I have seen the brown discoloration before. Its usually nothing and as more leaves sprout, the problem goes away.
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  15. Thanks for replying

    I replanted the blue dream ( left ) and buried its stem to about 2/3 its height before and I buried the white trains stem about half her height before , I also corrected the blue dreams posture so she is facing directly up ward towards the light. I moved the lights up much higher so they shouldn't burn or affect the plants at all ( other than giving light). [​IMG]

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  16. I am going to trasplant them both again in ab two days (so the soil drys a bit more )

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  17. Put your lights like 2-6 inches away. You won't burn them with cfl's even at that close. Otherwise they're just gonna keep stretching. When you said they have bad drainage, does that mean like only one hole? How often are you watering?

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    The cups have multiple holes but I don't think the soil gets great drainage and the cfl's that I'm useing get very hot that's why I'm keeping them further away , I'll start to keep them @ about 6 inches from the plants so they don't stretch anymore. I'll just keep a closer eye on the temps

    Thank you for the reply, happy growing

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  19. Take a paper clip heat it up and burn small drainage holes in those cups ...about 10 to 12 holes. Get water to drain!!! I would keep use just one 40 watt cal per plant 9 to 10 inches from each plant. Forget the other lights for right now. Then I would not replant or touch them for 2 weeks. As they grow add more light. Dont over manipulate them. Let them rest up. 1 plant each getti g one 40 watt cfl should be plenty for them right now. Just my 2 or three cents. Let us know how it goes.
  20. The paper clip idea is smart thanks man ....and will do I'll take the other lights out and stick to just the 40 watt cfl's thank you for the suggestion

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